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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Think before you wish

I have a very special relationship with my knees. A hate one really, because they put me through so much pain during the years. I call my left knee Arrogance, just because I broke it to pieces the last day I was arrogant. I was just a teenager playing tennis. I was good at it. I could have been better. A night before an important game, my coach, a very, very old and wise guy, started talking about strategy, but my mind was blocked at the documentary I just seen on tele: Michael Jordan, the player, the guy with an intriguing personality. I wanted to be exactly like him, but I haven't realized that arrogance would be part of it. So, I looked at my coach and said "I'll play tomorrow only if I can wear red tennis shoes with my name on them". He made it happen and the next day, just before the game, I got my beautiful shoes and my name was on them. I lost. Badly. Not because I wasn't good enough. Because I broke my knee, made it small pieces. An hour later, still in pain, I was told that the guy who stayed awake the whole night to make my shoes should have been somewhere else. His wife was dying of cancer in the hospital. That was the last day I have ever been arrogant and unfortunately I will always remember that I've been between a poor guy and his dying wife. 

I never wished for success. Nor money. Cause I am not arrogant anymore. I don't want prizes and medals anymore. Just yesterday, I got an email from an oversees magazine. Apparently, some clients of mine nominated me for something like the best of the best, watch her, kind of Personal Trainer. All I had to do is to agree and my nomination would have been in. I don't want it, I don't want my name on a title. With or without Just because I am not arrogant anymore. :)

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