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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Bad luck comes in fours

I don't suffer from bad luck. How could I when it is so obvious that bad luck is beyond my control? More than likely, in the prescriptive sense, luck and the opposite of it  are supernatural  phenomenons. So how on earth would I be able to control something way above the law of physics? As a human, I deeply agree with Carl Jung's way of perceiving bad luck as a descriptive coincidence, perhaps a synchronicity of daily events. As a blondie, I developed a theory about bad luck coming in fours (no, not threes; that's old fashioned already). Was it Jung smarter than me? Maybe, but the difference between us is that I can prove my theory.  

First of all not every road leads to Rome. Some may lead to Hamilton for example. No, not that fancy UK or Scotland or US ones...just the one based in New Zealand. Let me start with saying that from the place my home is to Hamilton there are around two hours drive. So bad luck number one consists in not checking the oil levels before hitting the road (Jack!). Don't look at me funny. I know nothing about cars; why would I? Actually I know that every car has a wheel and two pedals and I even heard that some cars have three pedals. It's not that I don't drive. I do, but I am as useless and my hair colour proves it. Let's just define bad luck number two: boring music on the radio stations available in the middle of nowhere and not even one good CD with me. On top of that, horrible rain all the way, which is bad luck number three. Why? Just because it always rains when I take a day off. Now, I could live with all these, but I couldn't stand having a bad make up...and that leads to bad luck number four. But wait. Before that, I should remind you to never stop in Huntly. This is common sense, everybody knows that. But I stopped and jumped straight from the car in an immensity of water. Not just that my beautiful stockings soaked, but my make up got all over the place...and let's admit it...this is a total disaster for a girlie. Not so huge as the car not willing to start anymore. Now, I'm not in the mood to go over the whole drama this created. I already made my point that bad luck comes in fours, Mr. Jung. However, I still arrived in one piece in Hamilton...eventually; even if I stopped in Huntly. 

After every storm there will be a calm because sun shines after rain, doesn't it? It's not that I reversed bad luck. It's just common sense again...and, as you know, I'm full of it! I'm already at that point in my life when I could develop another blonde theory; this time about sudden luck coming in threes after bad luck coming in fours.  I have the hypothesis, also the conclusion. All I need is to link them. By the way, you never got so far in your thoughts, Carl Jung...lucky you! 

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