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Friday, 20 December 2013

How I tricked the universe

This year was by far my best year. It was (sorry, still is) like candy floss and believe me when I'm saying that there is nothing better than that. I haven't been bored for a second this year because spectacular things happened. It's called life by the way and I had the privilege during the last 12 months more than ever to live every second of it like there was no other left. I blogged before about things that happen for a reason. Actually I blogged about things happening randomly without any reason. I changed my mind. Things do happen for a  sense, a logic apprehended only by a celestial omnipotency. Would this be the proof that destiny is more than a word in the dictionary? I am not sure about that (just yet!), but if it is, then I may suddenly be eligible for the Nobel Prize.  Now, let's be honest. Have you ever seen a blondie getting that prize? Neither did I! Anyway, the gods and goddesses were in a very generous mood and decided to give me, an average blondie,  if not the Nobel, at least a year of everything others would just hope to have. Now this is kind of false...or maybe just an exaggeration of a blonde mind. Let me explain. 

 2013 caught me on my wrong foot. Definitely my left one because I am right handed (and footed, I suppose). Actually this is a false statement again because I am ambidextrous. I started the year on a low, as I've said, just because shit happens. So I thought to myself (no, not what a wonderful world!) that I had only two options: to ask the mighty universe for luck or to trick the highest entity itself into noticing me...because we all know how busy the gods are helping others rather than ourselves! You know me. Demanding for things is not in my nature. At all. So, I've chosen the adventurous path of reversing my pathetic bad luck by making myself noticed by the mighty entities lingering around. Once they would see me, they would give me abundance of good things, I thought. What if I did a good deed, something big, every fortnight for the rest of 2013? And no, organising a party for a poor girlfriend who broke a nail, doesn't count. I started the next day and I ticked a good thingy every second week. It was easier than you think, guys. There is so much pain and  desperation around. There are so many tears nobody has the time to remark! I've chosen my people very carefully. Not just the ones who deserve the best got my good deed. Not at all! I got in a desperate mood last week when I realised that I had one more person to help...and apparently nobody needed my honest and unselfish act. This time I was lucky and I've done two good deeds the same day, so, after I ticked the last for 2013 in my diary, I noticed that I am in credit of one. 20 good acts from March onwards. Not too bad. Have I changed lives? I don't know about that. Again, I am too small in the huge picture of our universe.  What I know is that I gave as much as I was able own time, understanding, tolerance, help, friendship, material things and even love. Again, have I changed lives? Mine, for sure!

Now that I look worked! For every good deed I got something back. Sometimes a smile, other times a hug. But there were also those times when spectacular things surprised me. Huge things that count more than life itself. Like the pure and perfect love of my children...or a new friend...or a new puppy I got to adore (Hendrix, of course!)....or a moonstone I always wanted to have! :)

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