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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Who's that girl?

I’m sure you all know how much I love Philosophy. I could read forever and I would never have enough…. especially Heidegger. He is my favorite guy ever! I could have been easily marrying him. First of all he was a Virgo; and so am I. But nah, on second thoughts, no marriage! He had some affairs and I don’t really like that. For years I tried to figure out what he meant by “being is only being for dasein”. Of course I know what dasein means. I speak German. For those of you who don’t, let me rephrase Heidegger’s quote “being is only being for being there”.  Now, just because these days I am a little bit wiser (old is the new wise), I kind of get it, but I will keep you in suspense and let you solve the mystery. And no, it has nothing to do with  “been there, done that!”. 

I passed my passion for Philosophy to my son and my daughter. There are all sorts of families, you know, and ours may seem dysfunctional….but it’s not. We are who we are in the moment (oops, I almost solved the mystery myself!)… at least we are together! But out of my two kiddies, I always had the most amazing debates with  Miriam. We still throw to each other quotes and ideas while washing dishes or cooking our dinners. She is a smartie who loves Schopenhauer. Miriam is the blondie I was telling you about in many of my blogs. She is a very challenging blogger herself. We started blogging to each other many, many years ago. We called it ping pong blogging. Where are my last year blogs disappeared? I deleted them myself because they weren’t important. But Miriam kept hers because she was once again smarter than me. Now back to the blondie. I met her 25 years ago, I was the first to tell her hello and I instantly fell in love with her. She is the daughter I always wanted to have: pretty, intelligent, fast thinker and extremely smart. But most of all, she is funny. Miriam is my favorite entertainer. She sings, I’m the dancer. She can make everybody dance by the way, not because she has a voice…she has the voice. She is loud and happy and full of energy this girl! We still have our runaway evenings, when we both dress up and take pics of ourselves; also our sad Motown hours, when we cry while listening to sad, sad music; we have our cool French lunches, when we listen to Edith Piaf…. and the Cosmos nights as well! We have fun together and, in most of the cases, Miriam is the initiator.   

There was one instance when I entertained her more than she does now. She was just 6 years old when she broke her arm. She loved playing that girl, she still does, so she told me about her arm three hours later, when she was already in agony. So I took her to the hospital. I worked with bones and muscles my whole life and I knew that she’s gonna be fine. You know how you always have to wait for doctors. They all take their time. So we waited and waited and the blondie got so sad. So I thought I may make her laugh. I always wanted to race in a wheelchair. I finally found one (how hard can that be in a hospital?) and with Miriam on my laps, I started the race. We’ve been on every corridor, every corner of the hospital. We bumped in some people, we knock off others and we laughed a lot! Anyway, we finally seen the doctor later that day and I instantly recognized him as one of the guys we bumped into (by the way, he failed down badly!). So he asked me why I didn’t bring the girlie in right after she broke her arm….then he realized that we are the ones in the wheelchair. He looked at both of us, blondies, and said, “you are both nutters”. Thanks, doc, we already knew that and we would never forget that we like having fun!

So anyway, Miriam is my sunshine. A lace girl like me, not a cotton one. Happy birthday, sweetheart! I love you to bits; you are just perfect. And if people ever tell you any different, just remind them what Nietzsche said “Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent”. He made that up only for you and me! :)

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Deja vu

People love watching TV. I don’t. I have my girlie movies I watch all  over again and this is pretty much it. However, I try to keep up with what’s trendy only to have a goss starting point with my girlfriends. They are all into reality shows, so I have to remember at least the names of some so-called celebs. I know all the Shores ones (Jersey and Geordie) without watching too many episodes. I memorized them in between the beeps. How on earth did they get to such a high audience? Honestly, only God has the answer and he doesn’t seem to share things with me…anymore! And then there are the Hills and Laguna Beach chicks. I know them as well, not quite by name, but I can recognize which blonde is the nasty one and which is the one engaged to the weirdo. I also have seen some of the Kardashians girls in action. I told you already that my girlies want me informed and I don’t want to be the dumb one out of my crew. I sometimes wonder how much money these reality shows starlets are getting paid. Loads, I guess. Therefore, I am thinking of putting together a proposal to all of the producers, one that would make their hearts sing. What about shooting a reality show in my house? For free! There are so many things happening in my home that even the Kardashians would look nothing comparing to me. Plus if they want to show their audience a person who can suck in many areas, then no better place than my place! I also have the wardrobe, enough make up for at least 10 seasons, the heels are here as well; they don’t have to spend a cent on me. I have Hendrix, my puppy, he can do stuff that no other dog alive can and that would make even Marley look like an angel. We don’t even need rehearsals. Everything live and on impulse! So I am thinking of inviting some of the en vogue producers to spend a day here, with me and my ad hoc crew. You may know me, but you don’t know my girlfriends! Believe me that after an hour they would be delighted to sign a contract with me. 

Now, you are my kind of peeps, so it would be just fair to give you an intro. Just pick a day, any day of the week. They all look the same to me. Wednesday? Fine. 5am, me, wearing a pink mini skirt and pink shoes (I almost forgot the sparkly stars on them), pink headband with some unknown flowers on it, training a big guy, I mean bigger than the biggest, muscles all over the place. He’s fine with my look. I kind of made him a national champ. While the session lasted, Hendrix chewing my metal rubbish bin and my only car key left while Max, the senior dog, vomiting all over my deck. Then morning tea time. Me making a coffee, nice and black, and pouring it into Hendrix’s bowl. By the way, he enjoyed licking it, but I didn’t enjoy staying awake the whole night while he jumped all over my bed…and face. That was after Hendrix swallowed a whole pack of Panadol (I didn’t even know I had pills in the house; maybe he bought them). At least he didn’t have the headache I had after realizing I cannot drive my car without a key. I tried; it didn’t work! Then me again getting text message after text message until my vision got blurry and replying to my evening massage client the nasty and dirty text that supposed to be for one of girlies. Big oops, lots of apologies! In the meantime, Hendrix digging out completely a fruit tree and carrying it into the spa area. Just for fun! Then me again getting locked in my studio and forced to break a window to somehow get out while Hendrix, now the master of the house, making pieces my 1.5m metal lamp. At least it wasn’t pink! In the meantime Max eating the whole 5kg bag of dog food. But my best time that day was the one when I locked Hendrix in my car and forgot that I have no car key left. I told you that Hendrix already eat it. So, Hendrix in the car chewing my driving wheal while I watched hopelessly the whole thing disappearing. 

 Don’t worry, guys, the language was even more colorful than the Osbornes' one and it went on from early morning to late night. So you tell me now. Would you prefer watching all those false blondes and their stories or would you prefer a natural blonde going live and doing what normal people don’t? Once again, I am blonde, I can act dumb if you want me to, I have the dresses, make up and heels, I definitely can have the dirty language if Hendrix wants me to and I don’t have to put any effort into shooting the reality show. It just comes naturally; it is just how every day looks for me. The only thing I haven’t decided yet is the name of the show, but I’m sure that the producers would find something exciting. I told you I don’t need to get paid so if they cannot find a remarkable name, they would be able to pay somebody smarter to get it right! :)

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Blonde failure

I am blonde and if I say that the sun is blue everybody would believe me….because nobody listens what a blonde has to say. We, blondies, can say whatever…..nobody takes us seriously. But just a reminder, guys. Being a blonde is a full time job, acting silly just because you expect us to do that takes all our time. I have some examples, but this is another story I will be sharing with you another time. 

I got an email today from a guy in Ireland. I usually get around 100 a day, sometimes much more than that. The guy, Phin (nice name, by the way!) reads my blogs on Blogger. You know that I blog on my website and on Blogger as well, do you? So Phin is a writer and probably a very sophisticated one, who wants to involve me in a research. Of course he will use the results for his next book. That’s what real writers do! Anyway, the study he conducts is based on failure. Glad to help you out, Phin; you contacted the right person! However, what Phin is interested in is not the failure points of our (my) lives. His study focuses more on the lessons us (me again!) learnt from these turning points. Now, let’s make this clear from the beginning. I’ve learnt nothing…otherwise I wasn’t still who I am. But I’ll help you out, Irish guy, and I’ll do it with the honesty that characterizes my blonde existence. Failure? I failed a lot, changed my destiny a few times (oblivion!), run away of things and people, but I’m still here to learn my lesson. 

Let me just put Phin’s concerns about removing the stigma of failure with Dan’s question. So I get many emails, I told you that already... people asking all sorts of questions. Especially the Blogger ones; they are more interested in things. I reply to every email no mater what only if the questions are about work. Nothing about my private life, guys. I made that clear long time ago. Anyway, Dan asked me today only one question, short by the way! “Why?”. Now, why what, Dan? Why is the sun blue? I already said that nobody listens and definitely nobody is interested in my answer. Why am I that blonde? I also told you that it took me ages to adapt to that! Why is my body full of bruises? Because I fail a lot! Why do I fail? I don’t know, but please help me out here and email me through your thoughts. It may open my eyes. And when I get your email, I will forward it to Phin. He’ll be happy with that. You are both Irish and you may understand each other very well.

Now, for the guys on Blogger. Thanks for your suggestion. I will add a link to my email there. That way you dont’t have to hop from Blogger to my website and back. But please don’t let me wait too long; I love yours emails, really do, and it’s a pleasure helping you out! :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Fitness/ Ballet Movie on 24 07 13 at 4 06 PM #2

Destiny is not a career

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Wait a sec. That’s not mine. Oprah said it before me. I like Oprah, don’t you?  And I do agree with her if she agrees with me changing a word, or maybe two. You don’t get anything actually in this life even if you have what ever Gods or Goddesses on your side, but you may get a piece of something if you have the courage to ask for… or if you have the guts to fight for it. Life is a fight, don’t you agree? We fight for our jobs, our rights, our children, we fight to be liked, appreciated, respected, actually we are just gladiators fighting for our lives... the lives we believe we deserve. What do you think you deserve, guys? An easier way of earning money, a better partner, genius kids, more time off? What are your dreams, folks? Just say it loud; it won’t hurt you. The naked truth is that none of us deserves anything as long as the real us doesn’t match the imagine we try to create about us. That imagine should be a reflection of who we are. Be as you wish to seem. Again, not me, Socrates said it way before me. 

To be honest, I’ve met so many people who tried to be what they were not. Don’t be one of them. I’m not. I say it loud to the whole world that I may seem out of boundaries….because I am. That’s the reflection of who I am. I won’t hide that, why would I? “Many people have tried or continue trying to impress others, to make others aware of who they are and what they are doing”. Not mine again as you already know. This statement is Miriam’s, the other blondie who blogs. You probably wonder why I mention Miriam so often. It’s not just because she is a better blogger than me. It’s mostly because, a while back, we decided over a topic we would both develop, we had a bet, we’ve done our research well, we put it in real life, actually we were the mystery subjects and…we both failed. Mostly me, because Miriam is still young. But I’ll tell you about it when the time is right.

Anyway, back to the image and reflection. There is only one man I had the honor to meet who never compromised on that. Not just that I met him. I raised him…and I’ve done it well apparently. Amos is a guy who doesn’t try to show what he is not. Strong, opinionated, but always right by the way, he doesn’t care about how people may perceive him. He oozes power. Amos has great buddies, never best friends; his only true friend is himself. Amos never lies, but please believe me when I’m saying that you may not like his truth, because it may hurt you…and he says it as it is! He doesn’t even smile if he doesn’t want to. Actually he doesn't do anything if he doesn't want to. Amos has his own standards and would never fit in regular ones. Just a strong guy, that’s who he is. Amos fought for everything he’s got: great career, super wife, amazing house, the best dogs, the most amazing body, everything just A plus. On top of all, he is smart, smarter than me anyway. Amos started building his destiny long time ago. As a lifestyle…not as a career! I know that not just because he is my son. I trained him for years and I know how hard and smart he can work out. So, yes, this is my Amos, the most important man in my life. Right after him, Hendrix, my puppy!

Happy birthday, Amos! Don’t ever change! Let them believe about you what they want. I do the same! I hope you still remember that, when you were just a little boy, instead of reading you stories, I used to involve you in dissertations on Socrates “Know yourself” and “I only know that I know nothing”. :)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


If Miriam woke up today with Schopenhauer in her mind, my first thought was Hegel. You may not know Miriam and that’s a shame really. She is another blondie who blogs. Actually we blog to each other, but you guys, don’t know that. Anyway, Miriam’s point is that “getting lost in this crowd called society to gain a status can really mean that you are losing your own self”. So being yourself and acting the best you can at a certain point in your life may be the key of our whole existence? Maybe, but I rather agree with Hegel, just because I usually go with my first thought. Hegel once said, “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”. Passion for what, you may ask. Actually for everything… if for Miriam may be for being who she is, for me is for my work. What’s your passion, guys; what keeps you going forward? Work I said is mine and work it is. I wasn’t always like that, but I surely am now. This is the only aspect of my life where I excel a little bit in. But in my work, Hegel is not my only mentor. Kant is as well and I kind of remember at the beginning of each working day that he once said to  “Live your life as though your every act were to become a universal law”. Therefore I am into fitness not just because I want to make a difference. I try to state my kind of training as a universal law and I’m making my statement as clear as possible.  

You may find me nonconformist or just not able to fit in your standards. What are your standards by the way? Statements about what exactly? What should and what shouldn’t? Who should and who shouldn’t? Should or shouldn’t what exactly? Maybe I lived so long only to get more confused than I was years back, but I still don’t get some of the rules this society makes…like the one on what’s beautiful and what’s ugly in this century. But if I started with Hegel, just because I woke up with him in my thoughts, and Miriam challenged me a little bit this morning, I will then end with my dear Hegel as well: “I'm not ugly, but my beauty is a total creation”. And it is!

Have a great week, you all! :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Bucket list

Everybody has a Bucket list….except me. That’s quite a shame because I deserve what everybody else has. Do I? I haven’t quite decided on that, but today I want a Bucket list more than ever. So here I am,  3am on this great Sunday morning, cuddled up with Well. I told you about him. Well is my laptop, who understands me so…well.  He is a he, always by my side, always willing to help by reading my emails and typing what I dictate. Perfect relationship! But today even Well kept a silent moment when I told him that I’m going to design, plan and put in writing the list everybody already has and I don’t.  Well, this is Well’s problem, not mine.

 Back to my Bucket list, please! I never had breakfast in bed and I sort of want that. Nobody thought it’s important for me, I guess, but yes, I decided it is. So my number one wish is up in the air. Then, I don’t like heights and I have to overcome this fear of mine. So I want to climb somewhere very high and prove to myself that I am able to look down to the world. I usually look up to people, but it would be different the day I’d be on top of the world.Then, my number three: I want to get in love, at least once in my life. What’s wrong with that? I already have three wishes on my list and I am sort of stuck now. Actually, all I want for the rest of my life is to be…normal, what ever that means. I just want to be able to act like others, be like the rest of the world, be less intense, less full on, have more fun…be normal really. This being said, let’s jump to pure action. …not before I somehow figure out what normal actually is. Normality? Hhhmmm…. everything I’m not? Not really; there are some good old fashioned sides to me, you know.  So here is my plan. I have to change; it’s not working like this anymore. Have to? Want to? I haven't decided on that either. Heart off my sleeve from now on, no analytical thinking, no  weird food combinations, no urge to label things, people and feelings, no intensity, no extreme passion to put dreams into practice and no over thinking. And then I may fit in the standards somebody smarter than me created. I'm not ready to throw away my 100 dresses (actually more like 200), nor my make up or my headbands. You don't even imagine how much work I put in getting them! Also not ready to wear jeans and boots and a normal ponytail only to please the world! But I'm willing to change pink to black for example. Thanks to the guy who suggested that!

So new me starting today. Or not? Let me just think about it over the weekend. I may decide that my Bucket list is good enough with only three wishes on it…or I may change. You know that I always read your emails, guys, and I respond to each of you, even if I have to send out over a hundred emails a day. So this is your challenge for the weekend: email me what do you want from me. Because I may just be ready for a change...or not! Have a great weekend, peeps! :)