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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Blonde failure

I am blonde and if I say that the sun is blue everybody would believe me….because nobody listens what a blonde has to say. We, blondies, can say whatever…..nobody takes us seriously. But just a reminder, guys. Being a blonde is a full time job, acting silly just because you expect us to do that takes all our time. I have some examples, but this is another story I will be sharing with you another time. 

I got an email today from a guy in Ireland. I usually get around 100 a day, sometimes much more than that. The guy, Phin (nice name, by the way!) reads my blogs on Blogger. You know that I blog on my website and on Blogger as well, do you? So Phin is a writer and probably a very sophisticated one, who wants to involve me in a research. Of course he will use the results for his next book. That’s what real writers do! Anyway, the study he conducts is based on failure. Glad to help you out, Phin; you contacted the right person! However, what Phin is interested in is not the failure points of our (my) lives. His study focuses more on the lessons us (me again!) learnt from these turning points. Now, let’s make this clear from the beginning. I’ve learnt nothing…otherwise I wasn’t still who I am. But I’ll help you out, Irish guy, and I’ll do it with the honesty that characterizes my blonde existence. Failure? I failed a lot, changed my destiny a few times (oblivion!), run away of things and people, but I’m still here to learn my lesson. 

Let me just put Phin’s concerns about removing the stigma of failure with Dan’s question. So I get many emails, I told you that already... people asking all sorts of questions. Especially the Blogger ones; they are more interested in things. I reply to every email no mater what only if the questions are about work. Nothing about my private life, guys. I made that clear long time ago. Anyway, Dan asked me today only one question, short by the way! “Why?”. Now, why what, Dan? Why is the sun blue? I already said that nobody listens and definitely nobody is interested in my answer. Why am I that blonde? I also told you that it took me ages to adapt to that! Why is my body full of bruises? Because I fail a lot! Why do I fail? I don’t know, but please help me out here and email me through your thoughts. It may open my eyes. And when I get your email, I will forward it to Phin. He’ll be happy with that. You are both Irish and you may understand each other very well.

Now, for the guys on Blogger. Thanks for your suggestion. I will add a link to my email there. That way you dont’t have to hop from Blogger to my website and back. But please don’t let me wait too long; I love yours emails, really do, and it’s a pleasure helping you out! :)

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