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Friday, 13 June 2014

The only thing we couldn't live without

All sorts of existential questions went through my mind lately. Perhaps I am getting wiser, deeper and sharper with age. No, I'm not on wacky-backy. I'm just more aware and concerned about what's important. Have you ever thought for instance what is the only thing you couldn't live without? I did and, after a long research, I had the answer. Let me just tell you how I got to it. 

A month ago I moved to this nice, little town on the beach. Beautiful scenery, great people, really laid back lifestyle. The house I got here is a  mansion comparing to what I had before, so I was thrilled to put my fingerprint on each corner....and there are so many! New life, new beginnings.... But, as even Neil Young said, nothing is perfect. There is always something to disturb an ecstatic existence. In my case, the storm. One that I haven't seen before! Its sound and intensity gave me goosebumps. But, as a brave girlie, I came to the other end, and in the morning everything seemed just fine....except the power. Actually its absence. Guys, with no power, I had to say goodbye to phone chats, internet messenger, Candy Crush (saga, farm...and whatever the nerds have invented to keep us, blondies, occupied and entertained!), Facebook, Twitter and all sorts I thought I couldn't live without. But that's not all. No cooked breakie, no Nespressos (not even with George Clooney in the building!), no cuppas of tea....actually absolutely nothing that I was used to before the storm. With no power, the cut may be very deep. I mean very, very....Up to the bone! How many hours do you think the hot water in the boiler can last? Have a guess. Maybe one hour if you're lucky, so a few minutes showers would have to do it. I could live with Speedy Gonzales showers, but not without my hair straightener. Nor Internet! 

A few minutes without power, I realised that I had no contact with the world outside my neighbourhood. I knew that the storm hit the whole country so my first thought was what if everything perished...except my home. No TV to find out, no social networks working, no phone or mobile phone. Sinister, to be perfectly honest! I thought of things that could raise my mood, but not even a pink nail polish was able to do it. But I wasn't the only one grumpy. My dogs were too. They couldn't understand what on earth happened to their breakfast. Instead of the nice cooked brekkie they usually had, they got a boring bowl of dog biscuits. The two older ones, wiser and more accommodating, got it somehow. Hendrix, my huge 15 months old puppy didn't. So he threw a tantrum as he usually does! 

Anyway, sometimes in the afternoon the house got power. Finally. So I decided to enjoy everything the 21st Century allowed me to have. I plugged and started every gadget I ever purchased. The washing machine, dryer, oven, food processor, all started doing what they do best: serve me! I cruised the internet, hungry of finding out what's new in the world...while watching the latest goss on the tele. I messaged everybody and emailed them too while Vibering and Voxing them as a statement! I've added to my portfolio a few more Candy Crush points, Instagramed and Pinterested, watched the latest You Tube videos,  hoped on Songify only to see if there was something new there. Done them all! 

Later in the night, after hours of analysing and reanalysing things, I had the answer to my question. So what is the only thing we cannot live without? What makes us happy? No, it's not the coverage of those two idiots having a mega stupid wedding. Nor the "I" gadgets that allow us everything really. Facebook helped me with the answer. You know what I am talking about. A selfie, guys. Everybody takes selfies. Happy mood? Big smile selfie straight on Facebook and Twitter. Sad mood? Teary eyes selfie on the same networks. Want a hot date? Duck lips selfie. Have a new lippy? Selfie. Overseas trip? Selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Started dating your ex's best friend? Selfie with him hugging you in the hope of your ex or one of his friends seeing the photo. And they will cos we all like selfies. Don't be embarrassed to admit it. You're not the only one hooked on selfies. Even Ellen had one with the whole crew, one that landed straight on Twitter. Then many of so called stars have them even if they say that paparazzi took the photos. What paparazzi? Who cares about socialites, even if they are sisters with big asses. Anyway, let's admit it. Selfies are the trend! So let's take as many as possible and throw them all on each social network possible. Don't be shy! Keep the good habit alive! Take selfies after selfies. No need for diaries or timelines. Selfies are more than enough. And to prove how much I couldn't live without them, I am going to take a selfie right now. One according to my mood when I see so many selfies around: boring! :)

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