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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Not always a first?

I had such a nice weekend, guys, and I neglected you all. I haven't replied to any of your emails, not because your emails are not important. They are, but my weekends don't belong to me only...anymore. However, at this moment in my life, they all finish on Sunday mornings, so I really want to give you more attention on Sunday afternoons. Huge thanks for your thoughts and for reading my blogs. I say things as I see them or as they are in my world. I said so many times that I created my world for people like me. It's not that we are special; it's just that we are different because we don't see bad things coming and, if they are, we forget about them in a sec. My peeps and I want to believe in a brighter world. 

There are no lies in my world. I don't lie, you know that. I knew it as well, but apparently I did lie recently. At least this was what Tricia said. You know Tricia, I'm sure you do. She is my bestest friend...a beautiful Irish girlie. She is the one who always watches over me and nothing bad can happen to me when Tricia is around. She is not the only one though, but I'm not telling you about this...just yet. But I will...very soon when all my wishes will come true.  Back to Tricia. She believes that I kind of blew it in one of my blogs. She even pointed out which one. So here it is "There is always a first", my not so honest blog.

Here is what happened. Last Thursday I was Tricia's driver for a while. And that's hard, because she owns a driver licence school. She knows everything about how to drive safe. I know every detail about how to drive elegant. She knows that both hands should be on the driving wheel and the eyes always on the road. I believe that one hand is enough and that my eyes should be constantly on the mirror...checking my make up. Tricia senses pedestrian areas; I kind of rush to get there only to smile and wave to people. Anyway, last Thursday, she took photos of me driving...lots of them. And then she posted them on Facebook...only to prove that a person who is going 70km/h in a 50km/h zone is not a nana driver, as I've said about myself. 

Now, I'm just wondering what my Facebook buddies believe about me. Lier or just blondie? Please take me as blonde as I am! I'm no lier, guys! Never been that! I also hope that you, guys, don't take me more seriously than I am. I am far too blonde for that! Blondes are not the best drivers, everybody knows that. Have a great Sunday night, guys! :)

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