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Saturday, 3 August 2013

You, guys, rock!

53,200 readers. Really? That would make my weekend brighter. Even Hendrix, my puppy is excited! Thanks, guys, for taking me more seriously than I am.  

So thanks  to New Zealand, US (love you, guys; love your emails), UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hong Kong, China, Denmark, Romania, Namibia, Thailand, Germany, Philippines, Netherlands, Indonesia, Brazil (Rita, you and your buddies still  rock! Big time!), South Africa and Ukraine. Welcome aboard Nigeria, Bangladesh and South Korea. Love you, guys. Keep emailing me. A pleasure going through your thoughts! 

Have a great weekend, enjoy your time off  and see you around early next week! :)

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Friday, 2 August 2013


I love blogging on Fridays.  You,  guys,  are so relaxed at the end of the week…and I can say whatever; nothing would take your minds away from the happy hour tonight. Even the emails you send me on Fridays are different. Instead of questions about training and competitions, I get funny jokes and sometimes proposals. Thanks for that, guys, you are all so sweet. Let’s keep it that way! 

So let’s just make an easy one just because is Friday. What can be more down to earth than talking about yourself? So let’s start today (again) with magic. I love my magical life and I kind of find a joy being surrounded by people who have the same desire to create a parallel universe. …a rather more accommodating one. Do we have to create it, guys, or there are a few already in place? I asked that so many times, that sometimes even I got bored of my own words. I however wonder how much of this new life I feel the urge to create is based on kilesa versus karma. I always pictured karma as a domino effect of self-identity or personal identity if this sounds better for you. For me, karma has nothing to do with good deeds. What's good, by the way? Let me just explain. I believe that we have been programmed to perform a script, written by someone/ something much smarter than us.. We may be something like a really rudimentary/ basic software. Simple for me to understand that because you, guys, know how much I love technology. So we may have been basic softwares when we were born. Time is always on our side, so we can always add apps/ graphics/ pics/ notes to our initial program. Time is absolute, guys, no question here; Kant said it way before me (thesis/ antithesis). I also believe that  the master of the equation is the quantum mind, let’s just say that this may be related to the free will that would affect our karma. What are your thoughts, guys? Do you still believe that you deserve something better? Work on it just because our lives are work in progress. 

So how do you see me now, guys?  Not easy to ask, because I already know that I may get too many emails with all sorts of descriptions. Do you see me now in a different light or still the girl who wears funky mini skirts and pink headbands while training others? Is the image I carefully made matching me? Am I just the blonde you thought I am, behind a computer? Think! I just said something about a domino effect. Are you part of it? Mine or yours? Look at the bigger picture. I got the same question, don’t worry; somebody asked me if I know (or maybe pretend to know) what the divine’s (I’d call that the master self) big plan would be for me. My answer comes in three words: unity of consciousness.

So still focusing on the same question, I just want to drop (raise would sound closer to reality actually!) the level a little bit by quoting Stephen Hawkins “ What was God doing before He made the world? Was He preparing Hell for people who asked such questions?” What was He doing before creating me? You can answer that! Have a great weekend, guys! :)

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Las Vegas...Auckland style

The whole last week, I missed Durkheim… a lot. I haven’t got over him just yet. I’m sure you know whom I’m talking about. Emile Durkheim…you know….. the sociologist guy….the one who spent a good part of his life studying suicide.  He came to memorable conclusions in regards to who may commit suicide and more importantly why. Remarkable study really; read it if you haven’t already!  After a whole week of all sorts of events, I came to the conclusion that Durkheim has definitely forgotten a major cause of suicide...customer service. But at least he got it right saying that suicide rates are higher in times of now days. It took me some time, but I finally know why. 

So, a while back, I decided to use my maiden name. Nothing wrong with that. It’s my name, I inherited it and I like it. I made it public at the time and even my editors understood…after some good thinking… Basically everybody did, except some cheeky customer service staff. You see? I have accounts (you have as well, don’t even worry) on another name, one that means nothing to me anymore. So here I was, phoning consciously for months, every single day, my power, Internet, phone, satellite suppliers and many other companies I work with.  In my opinion, the procedure should be very simple: turn the computer on if it’s not on already, open my file (I sure have one!), delete a surname and replace it with another one. This is what it should have happened in a normal world. In nasty customer service world though, the procedure is very similar to a CIA case. Suspicion all over the place. Am I who I say I am? Actually yes, because as they can see, the one I am still pays for the bills. But just to make things easier for them, I emailed all sorts of customer service, starting with Mary and finishing with John (for your information, there were like 5 Marys and 8 Johns, all with odd accents) copies of what ever they asked for. Now, I am even expecting to be asked for referrals from my neighbors, my hairdresser, my butcher and the Indian guy from the veggie shop next door. I’ll supply them all if this is what they want. But they don’t. Hopeless customer service cannot sort my problem out because they don’t have a procedure in place. Apparently they never had a request like mine. Seriously? Am I the first person who separates or divorces in this country?... cause this would make me quite proud. I always wanted to be number one! 

I moved in a spiral for months. Therefore I thought of abusing some of the customer service staff  (exemplary abuse, of course!), but this is so not me. So, just to help out a little bit more, as a good girl I am, I came up with a solution. What if they close my account on my previous name and open one on my new name? That’s not possible either, they told me, because there is no procedure for it. As you see, in the same spiral, guys, just playing cha-cha... a step forwards, one backwards. So while in my spa, listening to Chopin, I decided over a plan.  I won’t phone anymore, I won’t talk to all sorts of staff.  I’ll just leave it as it is. I have better things to do. They can send me the bills on whatever name they want. They can even call me names if that makes them happy. I can suggest some if they don't have  a procedure for that either. 

Guys, you know how much I love my life…every little bit of it. And this great world! There are only two things I cannot stand: mediocrity and stupidity. I’m sure that if stupidity would shine, some customer service offices would look very much like Las Vegas! :)

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Still relaxed

I’m happy with my life; there is nothing wrong with it. I know that people around me may be stressed, but that doesn’t mean I have to be. Even my girlfriends complained lately. Let’s make this clear: my girlies are my kind of chicks and they know how to sort themselves out. So what’s the whole fuss about stress? My girlies say that it is totally related to modern life. It could be, I don’t disagree with my crew because I know nothing about stress. But then I went out shopping and I found my answers. So here I was doing my boring grocery shopping. I shouldn’t say that. People still starve in other countries, so please read “happy” instead of “boring”. I couldn’t stop listening to what those two ladies were talking about while blocking the flow in the supermarket. Apparently one of them was stressed, really stressed as she said. Here you go again. So I listened just because I wanted to know what caused her stress. Imagine what a huge problem she had: her husband worked too much, while she didn’t know what to do with her time. So let me put this into my words. The lady’s husband does overtime to keep her stressed…while he is not. Now, if this is stress, then I really like it and I want a slice of it…as big as possible, please!

On a serious note (like I’m able to cut the games!), right after I arrived home I had the urge to find something that would help me overcome stress forever. Is like I have the time and the mood to get grumpy! So, I decided to look at all sorts of practices that can help my soul reach what it has to (?). What about an out-of-body experience? Sorry, astral projection lately. That would be nice. Just imagine me (yes, in my pink outfit!) training somebody while my soul is way away in Jamaica. Ziggy Marley singing just for me while I sip pink cocktails. It wouldn’t work though because my clients ask questions and my brain has to work quite fast. So if Charles Tart’s practice wouldn’t work for me, I really have to find something else. What about a nice Chakra alignment? That would keep me occupied for a few hours. Nah, that wouldn’t work either in my case. I cannot stay still for too long and I would make a mess in my Chakra system…and this is something I couldn’t stand! Doesn’t mater, there should be other ways. Wait. What about adopting some mantras? I cannot decide whether I should go for Vedic mantras or Hindu tantras. They both sound great. Just picture that. One of my girlfriends asking me what I am up to. My answer? “Really busy, sweets. I practice my mantra/tantra”. That would make her run in the hoods. Fine, I know, it sounds silly. Then what about opening my Akashic Records and finding out my future? How nice that would be! Too complicated though because I would need to memorize some prayers that would open the path. Not for me, I love reading real things. My only solution is still Gabriella. I told you about her. She is a kind of fortune teller who emails me once in a while asking me to take my life seriously and open up for great things. She signs her emails “your dear friend” even if I have no clue who she is and who gave her my email address. But no again, because a month ago she blew her chances when she emailed me that at midday sharp I would meet the love of my life who ever that is. 

So, guys, I decided to stay as I am. I don’t need to overcome the effects of stress cause I have none. My life is so easy: I am just a girl keeping a whole house and business going.... by myself. But if you ever sense me stressed, please come up with solutions. I'm opened to all sorts, you know me!  :)

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Music on and by demand

 I live a magical life. It started long time ago, when I decided to break up with what you, guys, call normality. No, I’m not a Hermeticist disciple and I don’t follow any rituals to get in touch with whatever forces. I live a magical life by choice. Back to the choice again. I blogged on that a while back, I am sure you remember. So, I chose my reality, I make my world  my place and I invite in it only people who can or want to learn what magic means. I am a free spirit; so don’t get tricked by my blondeness, my make up or my heels. I may look odd to many people keeping up with Versace, wearing my funky dresses and weird headbands, but I’m fine with who I am and I am sure that my sweetness makes sense to you, guys, who keep reading my blogs. I believe that each of us can be a starting point in changing the world. “Be the change you wish to see”, Gandhi of course, how could it be me? Too big and precious words to come from a blondie.  I still believe in Santa. That’s quite sad actually, but it’s my choice who and what I believe in.  Where is my magical force coming from? Everything starts with music, guys, and believe it or not, Marilyn Manson was right when he said, “music is the strongest form of magic”. So, I have a huge music collection. Actually I am a walking music encyclopaedia. Every second of my life relates to a song, an artist, a word or a poem. I just love music. My foster mom was an opera singer and my whole childhood I was surrounded by Italian classical music. In time, I learnt to listen beyond the genre or the trends. So, I wake up every morning on a song, it can be rock or jazz or even hip hop.  As the day goes by, I add songs to my wake up one and, by the end of the day, I have a whole radio station in my head. Let me just show you how it works. 

I woke up at 4:00am yesterday on “Nights in White Satin” (Moody Blues). Good choice by the way; I always pick the best first.  Hot, hot shower…”Let’s get it on” (Marvin Gaye). Now, wait a sec…. no reason to pick this song! Long story with deciding which outfit to wear…in the gym…”Think twice” (Groove Armada). I finally decided which of my 100 headbands to wear as well, so ready to start work. As I opened the door, “Songbird” (Fleetwood Mac) is the first thing I can think about….then “Purple Rain” (Prince), just because it was raining my world! First client, a guy, who instead of hello said that he decided to drop the competition in October, in other words to throw to the rubbish bin our last five months hard work  …”Trouble” (Ray LaMontaigne) and then right after “Give me one reason” (Tracy Chapman). I waisted a half an hour of his session trying to understand why. Then finally, he woke up and changed his mind. He competes if I choreograph his routine…”By your side” (Sade). I would have agreed with much more than that only to see him winning the title. Next client, nice lady, great actually…..”She talks to angels” (Black Crowes). Knee rehab work, laser, strapping, all sorts. Then I taught a Sculpt Step Class, fun, nice girlies, noise….”Start me up” (Rolling Stones). Shower, hot again, too hot no doubt…”Heaven and Hell” (Black Sabbath). Finally coffee time…”Coffee and cigarettes” (Ottis Reading). Only coffee for me, thank you very much! While I drank it, Hendrix, my puppy, destroyed one of my rose bushes...the only yellow one (I already told you that yellow roses are my all time favs)...."Crazy" (Aerosmith).

Next three clients, back to back….”Back in black” (AC/DC). Finally finished my morning rush, so let’s keep the rush going on! I hoped in my car….”Hells Bells” (AC/DC)…again? Video goss catching up chat with my girlie  friend while driving…”Trouble of the world” (Mahalia Jackson). Finally got to the shops and missed the only free parking because of another blonde driver…“Respect” (Aretha Franklin). Back home and while I organized my lunch, I remembered how I always used to have late, late lunches as an athlete….”Forever Young” (Bob Dylan). Back to training; first a bootcamp…hard, hard workout…”Cry baby” (Janis Joplin)….tears for them, I’m just fine! One of the bootcampers said that I’ve gone mad today….”Voodoo child” (Jimmi Hendrix). 

My time now. Two hours of dancing….”Dance for you” (Beyonce). But wait, right after...."I want to break free" (Queen). Finally home again….”Home” (Mumford and Sons). I started replying to around 100 emails just because I am a good girl and I don’t like letting my peeps down….”Angel “ (Ben Harper). And then at least as many text messages….”Mad World” (Tears for Fears). I finally checked my phone. Many missed calls, but no messages left. Why do people call and forget to leave messages? Who are these people because I don’t know any of the numbers? I may ask Siri, Apple is always helpful and a step ahead. So “Who called me?”. Siri’s answer is just stupid…but fast “I’m here to help you”. Not this time, Siri, but you will always be the love of my life…”One and only” (Adele).  Finally on Facebook; I just had to know what my girlies are up to….”Don’t forget your roots” (Six60). Chatting with three people in the same time, while on Skype with my US client and having my dinner in bed (bad habit!)…..”Have I told you lately” (Van Morrison). Shower, super hot again….”Thugz mansion” (Tupac). Now this is a million dollars one! Day finished  on “Wonderful world” (James Morrison). But not before turning off the radio station in my head. But don't worry, guys; tomorrow I'll make up another one depending on my moods.  Have a great day, guys! :)

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Happy? Sad?

There is no more ambiguous concept than happiness. At least for me. I searched and researched, read and wrote a lot about it, but still haven’t agreed on a definition. For Socrates, happiness was morality. I’m fine with that, I have strong morals and I demand the same from others. For Kant, happiness was something to hope for. I agree with that as well. I’m a wonderer and a dreamer, you know that.  What is happiness for you, guys? Is it a fat pay cheque, some fancy food (French back in fashion, guys) some more expensive bubbly, a lazy weekend, a hot date? For me, unfortunately it is much more than that. At this stage in my life, happiness is everything that makes me smile…a person, an event, a thing, ballet.  Is it really? I can however relate to Confucius here who once said, “where ever you go there you are”. So there is a state of happiness in every moment of our lives. What about when we are sad? Is there a happy-sad state of happiness?  There probably is one, but it is too complicated for me, so I’m not even going there. Now life supposed to be simple, “but we insist of making it complicated”. Confucius again, not me. Big words, so let"s then simplify them and translate my happy-sad moments into real life. 

So here I am with my girlies having fun in my spa…. mostly around it. Picture this: bikinis, girls acting silly, stupid weekend chit chats, Cosmos, strawberries and all sorts of chocolates. No training! What do girls talk about when they get together? Recipes….before the first Cosmo. Sad! Cosmo number one….about netball. Neither happy, nor sad! Cosmo number two….about fashion. Happy! Cosmo number three….about haute couture. Happier! The next few Cosmos…. about guys. Maybe happy, maybe sad! Depends on whom my girlies talk about. The party goes on and everybody takes pics. For Facebook, no doubt. How can those guys we just talked about miss the fact that we got together and had fun? That would make them sad and us happy! Then the girls leave and I have to clean the mess. Sad! Music is still on, great music by the way. Happy!

But the day is not over yet, so I decide to check my status of happy- sadness or sad-happiness. Google may help me out. First question “Am I sad?”. 64 pages of all sorts of answers. That makes me happy again! Let’s try again just because I got over being sad “Am I happy?”. This time 75 pages. Now I get so happy that I almost reach Nirvana (the path of purification, not the band!). If Google knows whether I’m happy or sad, Google would know who I am. So let’s go further. Next question “Who am I?”.  The answer comes on over 100 pages; no reference to my name, but still!  No name? Sad! Google, please make me happy again. I hate being sad. Next question “why do I hate being sad?”. Over 100 pages again. Now I’m truly happy because I know how to avoid my sadness. I told you that Google knows everything. So if it does, let's see how Google rates me, the self, comparing to God, the divine. So, God first, if you don’t mind. 51%. Fair enough, I’d give Him what belongs to Him. Me next, I mean the real me, the girlie with a website, active on all the social networks possible, involved in all sorts of projects. Yes, I scored quite well 49%. That increases my level of happiness again. Do you want me even happier, guys? Just click on my name a few more times and I may reach heaven. Have a great week, guys! :)

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