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Friday, 2 August 2013


I love blogging on Fridays.  You,  guys,  are so relaxed at the end of the week…and I can say whatever; nothing would take your minds away from the happy hour tonight. Even the emails you send me on Fridays are different. Instead of questions about training and competitions, I get funny jokes and sometimes proposals. Thanks for that, guys, you are all so sweet. Let’s keep it that way! 

So let’s just make an easy one just because is Friday. What can be more down to earth than talking about yourself? So let’s start today (again) with magic. I love my magical life and I kind of find a joy being surrounded by people who have the same desire to create a parallel universe. …a rather more accommodating one. Do we have to create it, guys, or there are a few already in place? I asked that so many times, that sometimes even I got bored of my own words. I however wonder how much of this new life I feel the urge to create is based on kilesa versus karma. I always pictured karma as a domino effect of self-identity or personal identity if this sounds better for you. For me, karma has nothing to do with good deeds. What's good, by the way? Let me just explain. I believe that we have been programmed to perform a script, written by someone/ something much smarter than us.. We may be something like a really rudimentary/ basic software. Simple for me to understand that because you, guys, know how much I love technology. So we may have been basic softwares when we were born. Time is always on our side, so we can always add apps/ graphics/ pics/ notes to our initial program. Time is absolute, guys, no question here; Kant said it way before me (thesis/ antithesis). I also believe that  the master of the equation is the quantum mind, let’s just say that this may be related to the free will that would affect our karma. What are your thoughts, guys? Do you still believe that you deserve something better? Work on it just because our lives are work in progress. 

So how do you see me now, guys?  Not easy to ask, because I already know that I may get too many emails with all sorts of descriptions. Do you see me now in a different light or still the girl who wears funky mini skirts and pink headbands while training others? Is the image I carefully made matching me? Am I just the blonde you thought I am, behind a computer? Think! I just said something about a domino effect. Are you part of it? Mine or yours? Look at the bigger picture. I got the same question, don’t worry; somebody asked me if I know (or maybe pretend to know) what the divine’s (I’d call that the master self) big plan would be for me. My answer comes in three words: unity of consciousness.

So still focusing on the same question, I just want to drop (raise would sound closer to reality actually!) the level a little bit by quoting Stephen Hawkins “ What was God doing before He made the world? Was He preparing Hell for people who asked such questions?” What was He doing before creating me? You can answer that! Have a great weekend, guys! :)

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