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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Happy? Sad?

There is no more ambiguous concept than happiness. At least for me. I searched and researched, read and wrote a lot about it, but still haven’t agreed on a definition. For Socrates, happiness was morality. I’m fine with that, I have strong morals and I demand the same from others. For Kant, happiness was something to hope for. I agree with that as well. I’m a wonderer and a dreamer, you know that.  What is happiness for you, guys? Is it a fat pay cheque, some fancy food (French back in fashion, guys) some more expensive bubbly, a lazy weekend, a hot date? For me, unfortunately it is much more than that. At this stage in my life, happiness is everything that makes me smile…a person, an event, a thing, ballet.  Is it really? I can however relate to Confucius here who once said, “where ever you go there you are”. So there is a state of happiness in every moment of our lives. What about when we are sad? Is there a happy-sad state of happiness?  There probably is one, but it is too complicated for me, so I’m not even going there. Now life supposed to be simple, “but we insist of making it complicated”. Confucius again, not me. Big words, so let"s then simplify them and translate my happy-sad moments into real life. 

So here I am with my girlies having fun in my spa…. mostly around it. Picture this: bikinis, girls acting silly, stupid weekend chit chats, Cosmos, strawberries and all sorts of chocolates. No training! What do girls talk about when they get together? Recipes….before the first Cosmo. Sad! Cosmo number one….about netball. Neither happy, nor sad! Cosmo number two….about fashion. Happy! Cosmo number three….about haute couture. Happier! The next few Cosmos…. about guys. Maybe happy, maybe sad! Depends on whom my girlies talk about. The party goes on and everybody takes pics. For Facebook, no doubt. How can those guys we just talked about miss the fact that we got together and had fun? That would make them sad and us happy! Then the girls leave and I have to clean the mess. Sad! Music is still on, great music by the way. Happy!

But the day is not over yet, so I decide to check my status of happy- sadness or sad-happiness. Google may help me out. First question “Am I sad?”. 64 pages of all sorts of answers. That makes me happy again! Let’s try again just because I got over being sad “Am I happy?”. This time 75 pages. Now I get so happy that I almost reach Nirvana (the path of purification, not the band!). If Google knows whether I’m happy or sad, Google would know who I am. So let’s go further. Next question “Who am I?”.  The answer comes on over 100 pages; no reference to my name, but still!  No name? Sad! Google, please make me happy again. I hate being sad. Next question “why do I hate being sad?”. Over 100 pages again. Now I’m truly happy because I know how to avoid my sadness. I told you that Google knows everything. So if it does, let's see how Google rates me, the self, comparing to God, the divine. So, God first, if you don’t mind. 51%. Fair enough, I’d give Him what belongs to Him. Me next, I mean the real me, the girlie with a website, active on all the social networks possible, involved in all sorts of projects. Yes, I scored quite well 49%. That increases my level of happiness again. Do you want me even happier, guys? Just click on my name a few more times and I may reach heaven. Have a great week, guys! :)

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