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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Still relaxed

I’m happy with my life; there is nothing wrong with it. I know that people around me may be stressed, but that doesn’t mean I have to be. Even my girlfriends complained lately. Let’s make this clear: my girlies are my kind of chicks and they know how to sort themselves out. So what’s the whole fuss about stress? My girlies say that it is totally related to modern life. It could be, I don’t disagree with my crew because I know nothing about stress. But then I went out shopping and I found my answers. So here I was doing my boring grocery shopping. I shouldn’t say that. People still starve in other countries, so please read “happy” instead of “boring”. I couldn’t stop listening to what those two ladies were talking about while blocking the flow in the supermarket. Apparently one of them was stressed, really stressed as she said. Here you go again. So I listened just because I wanted to know what caused her stress. Imagine what a huge problem she had: her husband worked too much, while she didn’t know what to do with her time. So let me put this into my words. The lady’s husband does overtime to keep her stressed…while he is not. Now, if this is stress, then I really like it and I want a slice of it…as big as possible, please!

On a serious note (like I’m able to cut the games!), right after I arrived home I had the urge to find something that would help me overcome stress forever. Is like I have the time and the mood to get grumpy! So, I decided to look at all sorts of practices that can help my soul reach what it has to (?). What about an out-of-body experience? Sorry, astral projection lately. That would be nice. Just imagine me (yes, in my pink outfit!) training somebody while my soul is way away in Jamaica. Ziggy Marley singing just for me while I sip pink cocktails. It wouldn’t work though because my clients ask questions and my brain has to work quite fast. So if Charles Tart’s practice wouldn’t work for me, I really have to find something else. What about a nice Chakra alignment? That would keep me occupied for a few hours. Nah, that wouldn’t work either in my case. I cannot stay still for too long and I would make a mess in my Chakra system…and this is something I couldn’t stand! Doesn’t mater, there should be other ways. Wait. What about adopting some mantras? I cannot decide whether I should go for Vedic mantras or Hindu tantras. They both sound great. Just picture that. One of my girlfriends asking me what I am up to. My answer? “Really busy, sweets. I practice my mantra/tantra”. That would make her run in the hoods. Fine, I know, it sounds silly. Then what about opening my Akashic Records and finding out my future? How nice that would be! Too complicated though because I would need to memorize some prayers that would open the path. Not for me, I love reading real things. My only solution is still Gabriella. I told you about her. She is a kind of fortune teller who emails me once in a while asking me to take my life seriously and open up for great things. She signs her emails “your dear friend” even if I have no clue who she is and who gave her my email address. But no again, because a month ago she blew her chances when she emailed me that at midday sharp I would meet the love of my life who ever that is. 

So, guys, I decided to stay as I am. I don’t need to overcome the effects of stress cause I have none. My life is so easy: I am just a girl keeping a whole house and business going.... by myself. But if you ever sense me stressed, please come up with solutions. I'm opened to all sorts, you know me!  :)

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