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Thursday, 17 March 2016

When you lose your best friend

When a friend dies the world stops for a moment and nothing seems the same. In my case, the whole universe collapsed when my best friend crossed over. So many great memories came back...and so much guilt. 

Best friends accept you as you are. They wouldn't want you different. They are there in good times and in miserable ones. They listen to your problems and cuddle up with you when you're teary. They witness your kids growing up and are happy with as little time as they can give them. Best friends are great and if you ever had one you can consider yourself super fortunate. 

My best friend was all that and even more. He never asked for anything else than a smile...a walk on the beach....a word..... and it was still fine if I couldn't give him any of that.  He never lied to me, never judged me, never cheated on me, never hurt me. He made me feel special and coming back home to him was always ecstatic. He witnessed every bootcamp and fitness class I held back in Auckland and never complained of being tired. He knew all my clients and their children. He loved them all because they were part of my life. But most of all, he loved my children. He helped me raise them..... babysit them...... and entertain them in a way only a best friend can. Did I tell you how smart he was? He understood all sorts of foreigner languages I was able to speak to him....depending on my mood! He loved music and put up with my drumming even when my groove sucked! My best friend was a marvel! 

My best friend wasn't the most handsome being in the world. He was furry...and smelly and lately he became grumpy. Just old age and cancer I guess... But even then he lived for pleasing me. And now that he's gone, amazing memories are not enough to replace sadness and tears. 

​Rest in peace Max. The best dog a human being can dream for. Run free and fast in heaven!