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Thursday, 12 September 2013

My true soulmate

Life can be very long if it's not right...and Hendrix made it just right for me because he is the joy of my life. That doesn't mean that my life is shorter...I hope...even if my boy Hendrix usually pushes me very close to having a heart attack. My only hope is that women are less likely to have heart attacks. 

Hendrix is exactly like nonconformist. You know Hendrix. No, not Jimi. My Hendrix, the 7 months old Labrador- Ridgeback cross. I love him to bits when I don't hate him. He's done them all, from destroying my car to chewing everything in my home. He read all my cooking books...with his teeth; he swallowed my keys; he eat all my cables; he repeatedly drank my coffee and eat my lunches; he made pieces all my fav CDs (lucky I make copies!); he's done everything possible and impossible! Hendrix knows there are no repercussions because Hendrix is, as I've said, the joy of my life. Sometimes, after he goes grand in what he does best, crashing everything, I promise myself to find him a new home, but then I remember how much I love him. Hendrix is different. I cannot even compare him to humble Max, my other dog, because Hendrix is special, very, very special! 

Every client knows Hendrix; maybe because they all have been involved in his life. Some helped me finding him after an escape, others actually found him running free in all sorts of places when I was working. My neighbors know Hendrix better than they know me. My friends know him too. Everybody knows that the only way one can get closer to me is through Hendrix...but nobody knows why. Hendrix was to be put down when I got him. I took my chance, I knew the risk involved and I opened wide my wallet. I paid for the huge surgery he had to have and I saved his life. I am not sure he knows that but at the end of the day love is usually one sided. 

My puppy grew a lot, he got bigger and taller and apparently he got more relaxed. I mean, more relaxed when he does something naughty. Like today when he got somehow on the table and eat around five apples, tree bananas and 1kg of kiwi fruits. He may be on a special detox diet because at the end of the day he is a Personal Trainer's puppy. Hendrix didn't stop here though. He managed to open a Ribena bottle and drank it all. Only for fun! But I wasn't angry; I never am. I looked into his eyes and I've seen myself because Hendrix is exactly like me: blonde. Actually he is a black dog that acts like a blonde one. I know that my Hendrix, like me, will always do upside down things, he will always push boundaries, will cross forbidden lines, but once where he wants to be, he will always be a winner. He may even be my soulmate....just a shame he is not a real man. I would have married him with my eyes closed and I would have always cherished and adored him. But he is not! He is just a puppy I love very much...always did...always will! :)

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Monday, 9 September 2013

I used a life

I blogged on happiness even when I was sad. But now I'm happy so why not bring back a happy vibe to my blogs? But first I have to bring back Heidegger. You know how much I love him. I said it a few times that I was in a secret relationship with him. Affair? Nah, I wouldn't go so far, but I still have to agree with his approach to happiness. Technology and life as a something that can be controlled and mastered versus spiritual crisis. This is more than enough for me. Technology? I couldn't live without it! I depend on my iPhone and my laptop more that normal.  They are like modern drugs for me that alter and regulate the states of my mind and body.   Does that make me happier? Actually not really. People do. My happiness depends on people!

I am a fraction of a second away from being ecstatic. I started a new bootcamp, my weight loss challenges are going very well, my classes too, my clients are happy and I am just about to start a ballet class for lithe girls. That doesn't mean that I am less blonde. I've told you so many times that my work is the only point of excellence. My private life? Ups and downs, a synergy of silly moments and blonde ones. Recently it got better though.Until today, when weird things happened again. Everything started with me cooking and when I cook, I do it in style. I love cooking, always did. I could have been a chef, but I don't like working nights. So yesterday I was cooking and I grated my thumb, which is just normal and probably happened to you, guys. Today though, two thick red lines appeared on my arm, up to my shoulder and even if I found that very fancy, also matching my red dress, I started been worried when I noticed that I have high temperature. I loved it by the way, because my face looked better than it did with makeup on. My doc, who by the way is not just a great doctor... a hottie as well (I hope he doesn't read this...but he does!) disagreed with me and he started cutting things out of my thumb faster than I was able to say no (no means no, that's what we girls were taught) . Actually not once. Twice because I had to go back to my doc who decided that a whole is not enough (not that one!). So, yes, I am on antibiotics, thank you very much, and I kind of see blurry things especially when I bent over in my yoga classes or I jump in my step classes or I lift my barbell in my pump ones. More specific...all the time. So am I not an unfortunate blonde? Sort of am one....but still happy. I have technology on my side... and people too. 

Back to Heidegger. He thought that we are responsible for our actions. Everybody knows that. You don't have to be a philosopher to guess that! Wait. I remember him saying something about collective and personal responsibility. It was my personal choice to cook and chop my finger. We, girls, cook. We, blondes, cook silly. So here is our collective choice. Don't worry guys. I have nine lives. I used only one, eight left for other courageous attempts. See you, guys, in the gym. :)

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