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Friday, 1 November 2013

Never enough

I dream dreams. Have I said it lately? I probably did. So dreams…huge ones. I dream to change the world. Too late; others have been faster. Then to make a change in people around me. Late again. Not that others have been more successful. It's just the fact that people change if and when they want to. No need to help or rush things. What else then? Maybe to change things around me. Now, let me be more specific here. Things are things. You buy them, you enjoy them, you dispose them…best place... in the rubbish for sure. The only dream that would stay straight is changing myself, but this is not a dream at all. It is a requirement really. Once again, I like the me side of myself. I can be grumpy or naughty or stubborn or a dreamer of huge dreams, but this is just me. Change is change and I would do it if I'd have to….and I do. However, there is a side that I will never ever touch….my passions. That's right. I will never change my passions. Never ever…and this is a promise. 

So let me go through what I love most. My children, dancing, my work, dancing, my clients, dancing, my dogs, dancing…and dancing. I could dance forever if I would have the time…but I don't. Prioritize better? Excuse me; I am such a good organizer. The truth is that when I dance I forget about changing the world, people, things around me or myself even. I just dance no matter how hard that is on my knees. I love everything about dancing; my ballet shoes, my dresses, my music, my steps. How long can I do it? Don't ask me; ask God. He would have the right answer. But I have one as well, coming from my own perspective of life. I will dance how long I can and I don't want to miss on any moment. Therefore, I teach others too. Little girlies with big eyes, huge dreams and better knees than mine. And I am loving it so much! So another thing I don't plan changing. 

There is an ahh to dancing. A sorrow or a disappointment maybe….or a real fact? Yep, a fact actually, which is that I would never be as good as I'd want to be. I've seen the Russians dancing. I will never be as good as they are…because they do it for living. And that makes me sad. But I am sure that the Russian ballerinas are sad too. Why? Because they will never ever ever be such good Personal Trainers as I am. Because I am passionate about my work and my clients and I will never change that even if I would make some small changes here and there in my private life. Does that make me happy? For sure because I know how hard I worked to get to where I am know. Personal Trainer forever? Hell yes!!! :)

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