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Saturday, 20 July 2013

My Yay day

Something amazing happened today. It has nothing to do with Hendrix, my six months old puppy. He is very important to me, you know... But this time even he is out of it. It's just the fact that I have a day off. I haven't taken a Brigitte day in three years and I don't even know what to do with so many hours. Actually I know, but this is another story...a private one. I am however starting with you, guys. A huge thanks to you all for taking me more seriously than I am. My blog got up to 50,900 readers. Not too bad at all. So I salute you, guys, who ever and where ever you are. 

A huge thanks  to New Zealand, US (always so good to me!), UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Russia (still many of you there reading my blogs; thanks!), Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hong Kong, China (newbies here!), Denmark,, Romania, Namibia, Thailand (welcome aboard!), Germany, Philippines, Netherlands, Indonesia, Brazil (Rita, you and your buddies rock!), South Africa and Ukraine. Have a great weekend, enjoy your time off (I sure will mine!) and see you around early next week! :)

Friday, 19 July 2013

We need to talk!

I always had many friends. Not that I am more popular than others, but I may attract more attention. My blonde hair has nothing to do with that. It’s probably because of my work… or maybe people are just intrigued by my je ne c’est quoi attitude. Very intense, passionate about what I do or I want to do, about things, places, dreams, feelings… that’s who I am. Nothing wrong with that. I could change, but I decided not to. Because I met so many people, women, men, children, I learnt to understand the messages behind a gesture or a word. You don’t believe me? Let me just prove it to you. I know that when a woman tells  you “we need to talk”, that doesn't mean that you’ve done something wrong. No way! It just means that she needs to talk. That’s all. She would start with the story about the dishes and laundry and would probably finish, if she ever does, with the one about her neighbor’s dress. I also know that when a guy says “we need to talk”, then it’s probably better  to put your heels on and run…if they allow you that! Because he has something bad to say.  I bet you didn’t know that! 

We need to talk…that’s how Kerry used to start almost every session. I am a good listener…when I work; in real life not so much. For a whole hour, while the session lasted, she talked…all sorts, I mean sorts of sorts! But she trained so hard that chick and her talks were even more intense than mine! Kerry started as an average girlie with an ordinary body and got to pure perfection. When I first met her, years back, she told me that she wants to compete in figure sculpting. After “we need to talk”, of course! The work I had to put in her was just immense because she needed to lose lots before the actual sculpting training would have been started. But, she’s done it with me on her side. That girl worked her butt off, lifted more than a man and never complained.  Never…but she always needed to talk! In October that year, she was so ready and I dreamt about her winning her category. Beautiful, sculpt body, great attitude  amazing personality! What’s happened? Ask Kerry; I’m sure she would love to tell you! Kerry, sweetheart, you’re a real champ. Not many people go so far. I am glad you did, dear friend! :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Act like a woman, think like a man

Last night I read a book that changed my whole perspective on life. I couldn’t stop reading it until I finished it at the time I had to wake up…and I’m not even tired today! I know now so much more….do I? I know that there’s nothing wrong with me. ..also that I cannot change people. So, I’m still the same blondie, who decided over night to make some new rules.  People like standards. I like them too, so I’ll get some! Here’s my first rule: act like a woman, think like a man! What’s stopping me following my rule? Nothing actually!

I am a different Personal Trainer than you met before. Some people may get shocked when I turn up for a session wearing pink clothes and a pink headband. If I’m given a chance, I can prove how good I am. If not…I wouldn’t be the one to bite my tongue. But people usually stick with me. I am a great trainer and I know how to bring my clients to success. Andy, the best bodybuilder I have ever met, knew from the beginning that I was just hiding behind my blondeness and pinkness. I met him 5 years ago and trained him for all sorts of competitions. I choreographed routines for him, I designed workouts, and actually I’ve done all sorts of things to help him achieve his dream. We had such a good trainer-client relationship…we still do even now when he lives in the States and I work for him on Skype. Andy is exactly like me; we both work to exhaustion and have no personal lives. We live in a world we created! He is a guy who can win every comp he competes in. He has the physique, the brain and the strength. God was generous with him by the way! However he never won a comp before I met him. Something was missing and he knew that. He tried all sorts of trainers, some better than me, but nothing changed.  When I look back, I realise that he hired me because I was different….and so was he!  I don’t know whether my training tips helped him won title after title. I rather believe that my advice to be who he was gave him the confidence and courage to climb to the top! And maybe the fact that with Andy I was acting like a blonde girl, as I always do, while reading his thoughts. With Andy, I was thinking like a man! Five years later, Andy is a well-known champion….still with no exciting personal life. But he’ll be just fine. I am as well. Thanks, Andy, for letting me work for you. You’ll go long way, buddy! :)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Let's think together!

There are two things in my whole life that I will never be number one at: darts and Angry Birds. As competitive as I am, I never wanted to win in any of them. I love darts, I play a lot, but the thing is that I haven't decided whether it is a sport or just a fun thing. Nobody wins in fun. Fun is just fun and there is never enough of it. Angry Birds? I don't understand the whole concept behind it....birds making weird noises while one tries to knock them down. It's not even funny. I've played better darts. My brain calculates the points faster than my arm can follow. Fast brain, slow hand, weird combination. Actually, that's how I live my life. My brain goes all sorts of places faster than the light. 

So just because I am a fast thinker, I start my day with...thinking. And today, the thought that came first was weight loss challenge.  Six months before the beach season opens? Just enough time to make it happen. So, my first weight loss challenge starts on 1st August and I'm planning fun stuff... funnier than Angry Birds anyway! The challenge would involve classes, training sessions, indoor bootcamps and a nice and easy to follow diet. Eight weeks would be more than enough to get rid of around 10kgs. So, who's in? 

I am so excited about the challenge that I barely can think anything else today. However, for me the pre Summer season starts officially every year on the first day of August. There would be outdoor bootcamps, outdoor yoga classes, challenges, heaps of fun things! I have to wake up every day with a wow thought to make them all happen. And I will. I always do. But feel free to email me through your thoughts. Yours and mine together would conquer the world! :)

Monday, 15 July 2013

Let me entertain you

There were so many things that made my life different lately. Like rosebuds tea; just imagine pink rosebuds in my cup. I love my tea breaks since I discovered them. And then there is that blue toothpaste with sparkles in it. I don’t know who invented it, but the guy had to be a dreamer… like me. Also that lamp that projects stars on my ceiling. I am just loving it especially because I can change the colour of my 52 stars (yes, I counted them, so what?) . But mostly, there was that awesome guy I won’t be telling you about, who taught me some great how unfair life can be if you're rushing and how stupid I was thinking that, just because I smile, I deserve people to smile back to me. I have to earn my smiles! So, with all these additions, my life seemed complete for a second. Seemed? How silly. Let’s me just rephrase that. Nothing changed; I still suck in my personal life.

So let’s talk work, just because I am better with that. There would be some changes on my website. Good ones, for sure. I will be  adding a membership page to my website. Very, very soon…when I figure out what you, guys, want from me. I am planning a forum for you because I would love to give you the opportunity to express yourselves. Also a direct and secret line to me, so you would be able to contact me anytime without going through the whole process of emailing me. I am even planning of launching online classes, but that’s a thing for the future. So, guys, keep your eyes wide open cause the blondie will bring something good for you.

My blog got up to 50,000 readers all around the world. Thanks, friends, you sure made my day look brighter! :