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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Act like a woman, think like a man

Last night I read a book that changed my whole perspective on life. I couldn’t stop reading it until I finished it at the time I had to wake up…and I’m not even tired today! I know now so much more….do I? I know that there’s nothing wrong with me. ..also that I cannot change people. So, I’m still the same blondie, who decided over night to make some new rules.  People like standards. I like them too, so I’ll get some! Here’s my first rule: act like a woman, think like a man! What’s stopping me following my rule? Nothing actually!

I am a different Personal Trainer than you met before. Some people may get shocked when I turn up for a session wearing pink clothes and a pink headband. If I’m given a chance, I can prove how good I am. If not…I wouldn’t be the one to bite my tongue. But people usually stick with me. I am a great trainer and I know how to bring my clients to success. Andy, the best bodybuilder I have ever met, knew from the beginning that I was just hiding behind my blondeness and pinkness. I met him 5 years ago and trained him for all sorts of competitions. I choreographed routines for him, I designed workouts, and actually I’ve done all sorts of things to help him achieve his dream. We had such a good trainer-client relationship…we still do even now when he lives in the States and I work for him on Skype. Andy is exactly like me; we both work to exhaustion and have no personal lives. We live in a world we created! He is a guy who can win every comp he competes in. He has the physique, the brain and the strength. God was generous with him by the way! However he never won a comp before I met him. Something was missing and he knew that. He tried all sorts of trainers, some better than me, but nothing changed.  When I look back, I realise that he hired me because I was different….and so was he!  I don’t know whether my training tips helped him won title after title. I rather believe that my advice to be who he was gave him the confidence and courage to climb to the top! And maybe the fact that with Andy I was acting like a blonde girl, as I always do, while reading his thoughts. With Andy, I was thinking like a man! Five years later, Andy is a well-known champion….still with no exciting personal life. But he’ll be just fine. I am as well. Thanks, Andy, for letting me work for you. You’ll go long way, buddy! :)


Rip mart said...

nice tips. i think it will work for me. thanks

Fit and Toned Personal Training said...

It works, believe me. :)