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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Let's think together!

There are two things in my whole life that I will never be number one at: darts and Angry Birds. As competitive as I am, I never wanted to win in any of them. I love darts, I play a lot, but the thing is that I haven't decided whether it is a sport or just a fun thing. Nobody wins in fun. Fun is just fun and there is never enough of it. Angry Birds? I don't understand the whole concept behind it....birds making weird noises while one tries to knock them down. It's not even funny. I've played better darts. My brain calculates the points faster than my arm can follow. Fast brain, slow hand, weird combination. Actually, that's how I live my life. My brain goes all sorts of places faster than the light. 

So just because I am a fast thinker, I start my day with...thinking. And today, the thought that came first was weight loss challenge.  Six months before the beach season opens? Just enough time to make it happen. So, my first weight loss challenge starts on 1st August and I'm planning fun stuff... funnier than Angry Birds anyway! The challenge would involve classes, training sessions, indoor bootcamps and a nice and easy to follow diet. Eight weeks would be more than enough to get rid of around 10kgs. So, who's in? 

I am so excited about the challenge that I barely can think anything else today. However, for me the pre Summer season starts officially every year on the first day of August. There would be outdoor bootcamps, outdoor yoga classes, challenges, heaps of fun things! I have to wake up every day with a wow thought to make them all happen. And I will. I always do. But feel free to email me through your thoughts. Yours and mine together would conquer the world! :)

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