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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What money can buy!

An old saying states that money, fame and beauty won't buy us  happiness. Depends on what happiness means for each of us, some of you may argue. If one cannot live without a kg of gold around the neck, then money is the answer. But that's not me! I am quite a simple person underneath my blondness...and I am not high maintenance at all...except to myself. Therefore I believe what others smarter than me believe in. Like in that saying about money and happiness. Understand me here, guys. I am not against money, nor spending what one earns through hard work. I love surrounding myself with beautiful, girlie things and I know that they all cost money. But I wouldn't sell my soul for them. I prefer investing in people. That will always pay off. 

So, recently I was fortunate enough to spend a great holiday in Fiji. Land of heaven, by the way! For those of you who have been there, I am not saying anything new. You have seen the resorts, all five stars, all opulent and all full of much more than one would ever need. Like their shops for example. Most of them jewellery shops with whatever your hearts desire. One of them caught my attention because it had the most amazing moonstone cheap as 11,800 Aussie dollars. I looked and looked and looked again and then I decided to touch it. So I asked the beautiful girl behind the counter to let me try it on. Don't worry, guys, I couldn't afford it and, even if I did, I wouldn't want it. But I love moonstones and I couldn't resist. I wore the pendant for a second and I gave it back to the shop assistant. I walked back to the resort I stayed in for the rest of my holiday, but I couldn't stop asking myself who could ever spend that ridiculous amount of money on a pendant. It bothered me for the next few days....just until the bus left me in the city. The real city with a real heart. With poverty more than  anyone expects to see! But with real good people. Nothing virtual, nothing fake, just hard life! I remembered the pendant while observing how rough life can be for some and I asked myself how many people can be saved with the amount the moonstone pendant worth...or how many local kids can be put through school by somebody who may have the cash to buy the moonstone beauty. 

Beauty is sublime tough, so the next day  I went back to the shop that had the most beautiful moonstone pendant ever. It was gone...somebody bought it; somebody who had the money to throw on a piece of jewellery... Nothing wrong with that. I just hope that the owner of the moonstone remembers that money cannot buy happiness and that she is still the same person with or without the pendant. I also hope that the lucky lady asks herself the same questions that obsessed me and decides to make a change. She or her man has the cash and can give a few kiddies the chance to go to school and learn to read and write. I hope they do! And if they don't, we, who cannot afford an expensive moonstone pendant, will! :)

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