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Friday, 22 November 2013

Reasons vs destiny

I love Heggel, always did, always will. Not him as a person; mostly his thoughts. Wouldn't have been nice to be able brainwashing him and sucking all his ideas in my brain? But no, because they may not have fitted there. Too many ideas for a blonde brain. So all I am left to do is to wish that I was so smart to come up with all those fancy thoughts. I, the blondie, believe in destiny and wonder what's ahead me. Heggel believed in reasons. For him, there were reasons that made the world progress towards destiny. Now, let's simplify it. Reasonable beats creation. Good enough for me. I wouldn't even have the right words to demolish this anyway. How does this work however in real life? Simple. Just like that.

Lately things just fallen on my laps. Like that cookbook that almost smashed my knee. Good thing however because I am a passionate cook. Not an excellent one, nor a really creative one,. Just passioned about cooking. Sometimes I'm good, other times not so much. Anyway, when it fallen, cos it did, the book opened at cauliflower soufflĂ©. I never cooked that before, so I decided to play a little bit in the kitchen. So for more than an hour I mixed  the ingredients as per the advise of that cook guy who wrote the book. When the whole stuff (that looked weird by the way) went nicely in the oven, I started running flat like a battery. Not the Energizer one cos that lasts more than an hour. Just like the economy everyday one. But still excited to try out my new meal. Bad idea though. An hour later, the stuff with a nice French name was cooked...or not. And I tried it. Huge mistake. Uneatable really. So I thought my dogs would like it. Bad thought again. Not even them. But least they drank lots of water right after the first wash the French taste off...which it still makes me sick when I remember about it. So disaster in the kitchen. Never mind. I can go back to my usual cooking, the old fashioned roast.  

Heggel was somebody, wasn't he? So I can now prove that he got it right. I had a reason and that was to make a great meal. But, as I've said, reasons beat creation. In other words reasons make destiny happen. And they do. My destiny has nothing to do with me being a chef. Apparently. So I have to keep being a trainer. I'll just do that instead. :)

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