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Thursday, 11 July 2013

See the light

I woke up this morning on Metallica’s Turn The Page. Not really on, mostly in my head. You know when a song goes on and on in your head and you cannot make it leave your brain cells! It was kind of like that, I suppose. I thought I was at that stage in my life when I balanced things with the power of my Qi and took Zen moments seriously. Obviously not, because I don’t remember very well all the things I said last night. Doesn’t matter, new day.  But I do remember that the title of my blog doesn’t belong to me. Actually, it does somehow, but I didn’t come up with it. Don’t worry: the photo is mine and the thoughts as well, as twisted as they can be!

So let’s get serious now. I need a new challenge again.  Something I never done before or maybe a thing I forgot to do in a long time. For months I thought that it would have to be related to what I do best, my work. Cause in my personal life I may suck sometimes... Only today, after a long and harsh night, I realized that the challenge I dream about has to be about me only. No other people involved. So I came up with an idea. What if I do one more competition? And then, when it’s over, I can retire as a competitor….forever!  I don’t need to win anymore. This time it would be for me only, for the fun of preparing everything in detail. So here is my plan. I will go one more time on stage in May next year.  Last time, I promise. I will start training again for my figure competition like I’ve done it in the past. Last one! I don’t enjoy the diet, but its’ just a part of the whole preparation.  I know that I always get what I want, so I can do this. Therefore, I announce it officially: next year in May, I’ll be on stage, guys, with a fab routine.  So, girlies, challenge me please and show me what you’ve got, cause I will be there no matter what!  :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Blonde appreciation

Last night, Miriam posted on Facebook that blondes have more fun. You don’t know her? That’s a shame really because she is blonde and she has lots of fun. Anyway, Miriam made a statement here and that pushed me thinking what people really see beyond our blonde hair. Actually it’s not about what they see…not even about what a blonde is able to tell you. It’s more about what you can tell a blondie. Let me justify. First example that crosses my mind is that guy who emails me lately. Maybe you know him, cause I don’t, but the emails are really sweet…and the photos really explicit, thank you! My statement is Miriam’s as well: blondes have more fun. His statement? Let me just quote him “how can I get in your pants?”.  Now, would you ever ask a brunette that? Not quite sure. But being a blondie, I feel the urge to reply to that dude. So I really have to ask for his postal address before, because the only way he can get where he wants to starts with me posting him out my pants. Not the pink ones; I just bought them and I haven’t got over them just yet. And I’m thinking of adding the chap a prezzy and posting him also out one of my 67 bras. I’m sure he would enjoy that!

I can go further, sure I can. There is another guy. This one I know somehow. His text sounds like “This is my phone number. Give me a call if you ever have itchy fingers”. Again, right question for  a brunette? Not really. Now, sugar, I don’t get often itchy fingers, but I definitely sense a kind of cold feet…in your case. But I cannot not mention the sweetheart who bothers me while I’m on chat with someone else. Facebook chat, of course. He is in the mood of chatting as well, I guess, and instead of hello he says “Babe, I love your boobs”. Nice. Now let me babe you back, babe. When did I ever show them to you….babe? Cause I don't  suffer of Alzheimer yet and I really have a good memory, but I cannot recall on this little aspect.

So that’s the way you, guys, are talking to blondes just because you strongly believe that we may have more fun and can take over even more. That’s fine we are loving that…not so much, but still fine. But just before you open your mouth, think beyond our blondeness. Maybe, just maybe, there is something in our blonde heads, something more than your fun. Maybe we make our fun look funnier than yours! :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Work with me, guys

I get bored easily. I have enough of everything once there are no challenges left. I painted for more than 10 years and was quite good at it. I got bored and never done it again. Then I started working with wood…bored again. Some years ago, I started making jewelry…just for fun. Once again…. bored.  Have I told about starting my fashion line? Bored…I start.... and when I reach that stage of whatever, I start something else. At least I'm on the starting line every day! But one day I'll stop. No, I won't...I'll train them all on the other side...God included! I need challenges; they keep me alive! I never got bored of people though…who challenged me. I don’t even remember the ones who didn’t want to grow the same pace I did. And I never got bored of my job. People wake up in the morning and look with saddens to the day ahead. They just do stuff for cash! I open my eyes early in the morning and think “Yay. I work today!” I do my work for fun! 

My classes challenge me. Firstly because I have to teach them, so I need to workout as hard as my attendants do. Actually harder! Then I have to memorize the routine and choreography and, let's be perfectly honest here, how easy that can be when you're natural blonde? Just because I designed the classes doesn’t mean I have the right to improvise. And lastly because I can always add new elements to the routine. In fact, I have to do that; otherwise my people would get bored as much as I would. My people are just like me; they need challenges! Probably that’s the reason why I hear so many great stuff after each class. Like that girlie, who’s a challenger by the way, who always says “I could call you names now, Brige”, but she never does it. Or the other one (you know who you are!) who laughs through the whole class hopping that I would get distracted and mix all up (keep trying hard, sweets, I'm so focused!) and when everything is over says “I totally hate you”, but she comes back every week. Or the guy who makes all those noises…and faces, but never forgets to remind me when he leaves that I am “crazy-mad” what ever that means. 

So let’s be it short today.  I’m launching at the end of this month the bees knees of fitness classes…a routine that’s more challenging that every challenge I have ever had before. How can it not be? Three bands over the legs, steppers and heavy barbells. I haven’t come up with a name for my new class yet because I’m expecting you to find a perfect one for me. All I know is that, at this stage, I call it Sculpt Step Pump. So that's your starting point, guys; do the hard work and challenge me with a  name for my class. The class is my baby, the name would be yours. Good enough for a long lasting relationship! :)

Monday, 8 July 2013

What a wonderful world!

Last night, an hour before midnight, my early morning clients phoned to move their appointments to another day this week. I thought there is a bug around, but now I understand why they’ve done it. They wanted me to watch the tennis final without me thinking about weight loss and stuff. So, I watched it, but not before I flew to town to get my voice back, only because that guy borrowed it and, sorry, it’s my voice and I wanted it here where it belongs. As I’ve said, I watched the final. Huge mistake. My week started crap! But that’s nothing. My dearest friends, Chele and Kev, leave to Oz and that’s sad, Tricia, my bestest, goes back to Ireland and that's sad as well, I have to record a dance/ ballet routine but I cannot remember the steps and my deadline is so close, my knee popes out more often than before, my blinds still haven’t arrived, my green dress is lost somewhere between UK and New Zealand and I cannot find Mr.King, my blonde cat (yes, I have a blonde and a brunette one). A lot of drama for a blondie! 

I met Chele and Kev eight years ago and I trained them ever since…up to four times a week. Chele is Cleopatra herself and Kev is just Kev, a guy who stood up for me a thousand times. I trained their daughter too and I know their son very well. Actually I know everything about them, every little secret, and they know absolutely everything about me. Three years back, we started becoming friends and they grew so much on me that now, I really, really love them. I couldn’t cope in a week without them, but I would have to because the guys decided to move to Australia for six months…at least. So, now I have to start planning weekends in Gold Coast. Chele already set up a room for me there because she wants me a weekend a month with her family. Not to train them, no. But the thing is that they leave…and I’m sad…and this is all I am telling you today. I need a hug from you, guys, so please keep emailing me. 

Have a great week! :)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

My all sorts moment

I know it's weekend and I know that I don't blog on Sundays, but I cannot help myself. It's not that I'm bored... I just remembered, in the middle of the night when others sleep and I don't, what somebody (don't even go there, I won't say a word more!) said a few days back. So, that person (no, I won't be telling you if is a guy or one of my girlie friends!) said that if I'm left to myself for more than a day, I start thinking all sorts. I don't know what that means, but all sorts is true. And that person (no clues, people!) got it right. I start from nothing and I get to everything. I could sync the whole world. It's just called synergy, guys! 

Anyway, I was just thinking all sorts yesterday, just because I was left in my world for more than a day. The stupid thing is that I was driving while mixing all sorts again. 1pm, Saturday sunny day, Whangaparaoa Road (you, overseas guys, don't have a clue what you're missing on!), first in queue at the intersection. Loud music, I mean very loud, my mind away to all sorts, of course. And then I turned right.... and realized that I still have to go back to the shops. So...I turned left. And that's how I stopped (and blocked) the whole traffic. Nobody got hurt, why should they, just another idiot female driver! But then I came back from my all sorts state of mind, and thought to myself that I had to apologize somehow. Not that I really had to; I just wanted to! So I stopped my car in the middle of that intersection ignoring the traffic lights (nothing major, just lights!), stepped off my car, smiled and waived to every angry driver. Like a real queen... At least they knew who the idiot was! But they liked it, because they all applauded! So I took my time, still smiling and acting stupid, while the traffic lights turned green and red again and then green one more time. I just enjoyed my silly blonde moment! :)