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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Work with me, guys

I get bored easily. I have enough of everything once there are no challenges left. I painted for more than 10 years and was quite good at it. I got bored and never done it again. Then I started working with wood…bored again. Some years ago, I started making jewelry…just for fun. Once again…. bored.  Have I told about starting my fashion line? Bored…I start.... and when I reach that stage of whatever, I start something else. At least I'm on the starting line every day! But one day I'll stop. No, I won't...I'll train them all on the other side...God included! I need challenges; they keep me alive! I never got bored of people though…who challenged me. I don’t even remember the ones who didn’t want to grow the same pace I did. And I never got bored of my job. People wake up in the morning and look with saddens to the day ahead. They just do stuff for cash! I open my eyes early in the morning and think “Yay. I work today!” I do my work for fun! 

My classes challenge me. Firstly because I have to teach them, so I need to workout as hard as my attendants do. Actually harder! Then I have to memorize the routine and choreography and, let's be perfectly honest here, how easy that can be when you're natural blonde? Just because I designed the classes doesn’t mean I have the right to improvise. And lastly because I can always add new elements to the routine. In fact, I have to do that; otherwise my people would get bored as much as I would. My people are just like me; they need challenges! Probably that’s the reason why I hear so many great stuff after each class. Like that girlie, who’s a challenger by the way, who always says “I could call you names now, Brige”, but she never does it. Or the other one (you know who you are!) who laughs through the whole class hopping that I would get distracted and mix all up (keep trying hard, sweets, I'm so focused!) and when everything is over says “I totally hate you”, but she comes back every week. Or the guy who makes all those noises…and faces, but never forgets to remind me when he leaves that I am “crazy-mad” what ever that means. 

So let’s be it short today.  I’m launching at the end of this month the bees knees of fitness classes…a routine that’s more challenging that every challenge I have ever had before. How can it not be? Three bands over the legs, steppers and heavy barbells. I haven’t come up with a name for my new class yet because I’m expecting you to find a perfect one for me. All I know is that, at this stage, I call it Sculpt Step Pump. So that's your starting point, guys; do the hard work and challenge me with a  name for my class. The class is my baby, the name would be yours. Good enough for a long lasting relationship! :)

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