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Sunday, 7 July 2013

My all sorts moment

I know it's weekend and I know that I don't blog on Sundays, but I cannot help myself. It's not that I'm bored... I just remembered, in the middle of the night when others sleep and I don't, what somebody (don't even go there, I won't say a word more!) said a few days back. So, that person (no, I won't be telling you if is a guy or one of my girlie friends!) said that if I'm left to myself for more than a day, I start thinking all sorts. I don't know what that means, but all sorts is true. And that person (no clues, people!) got it right. I start from nothing and I get to everything. I could sync the whole world. It's just called synergy, guys! 

Anyway, I was just thinking all sorts yesterday, just because I was left in my world for more than a day. The stupid thing is that I was driving while mixing all sorts again. 1pm, Saturday sunny day, Whangaparaoa Road (you, overseas guys, don't have a clue what you're missing on!), first in queue at the intersection. Loud music, I mean very loud, my mind away to all sorts, of course. And then I turned right.... and realized that I still have to go back to the shops. So...I turned left. And that's how I stopped (and blocked) the whole traffic. Nobody got hurt, why should they, just another idiot female driver! But then I came back from my all sorts state of mind, and thought to myself that I had to apologize somehow. Not that I really had to; I just wanted to! So I stopped my car in the middle of that intersection ignoring the traffic lights (nothing major, just lights!), stepped off my car, smiled and waived to every angry driver. Like a real queen... At least they knew who the idiot was! But they liked it, because they all applauded! So I took my time, still smiling and acting stupid, while the traffic lights turned green and red again and then green one more time. I just enjoyed my silly blonde moment! :)

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