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Monday, 8 July 2013

What a wonderful world!

Last night, an hour before midnight, my early morning clients phoned to move their appointments to another day this week. I thought there is a bug around, but now I understand why they’ve done it. They wanted me to watch the tennis final without me thinking about weight loss and stuff. So, I watched it, but not before I flew to town to get my voice back, only because that guy borrowed it and, sorry, it’s my voice and I wanted it here where it belongs. As I’ve said, I watched the final. Huge mistake. My week started crap! But that’s nothing. My dearest friends, Chele and Kev, leave to Oz and that’s sad, Tricia, my bestest, goes back to Ireland and that's sad as well, I have to record a dance/ ballet routine but I cannot remember the steps and my deadline is so close, my knee popes out more often than before, my blinds still haven’t arrived, my green dress is lost somewhere between UK and New Zealand and I cannot find Mr.King, my blonde cat (yes, I have a blonde and a brunette one). A lot of drama for a blondie! 

I met Chele and Kev eight years ago and I trained them ever since…up to four times a week. Chele is Cleopatra herself and Kev is just Kev, a guy who stood up for me a thousand times. I trained their daughter too and I know their son very well. Actually I know everything about them, every little secret, and they know absolutely everything about me. Three years back, we started becoming friends and they grew so much on me that now, I really, really love them. I couldn’t cope in a week without them, but I would have to because the guys decided to move to Australia for six months…at least. So, now I have to start planning weekends in Gold Coast. Chele already set up a room for me there because she wants me a weekend a month with her family. Not to train them, no. But the thing is that they leave…and I’m sad…and this is all I am telling you today. I need a hug from you, guys, so please keep emailing me. 

Have a great week! :)

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