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Thursday, 11 July 2013

See the light

I woke up this morning on Metallica’s Turn The Page. Not really on, mostly in my head. You know when a song goes on and on in your head and you cannot make it leave your brain cells! It was kind of like that, I suppose. I thought I was at that stage in my life when I balanced things with the power of my Qi and took Zen moments seriously. Obviously not, because I don’t remember very well all the things I said last night. Doesn’t matter, new day.  But I do remember that the title of my blog doesn’t belong to me. Actually, it does somehow, but I didn’t come up with it. Don’t worry: the photo is mine and the thoughts as well, as twisted as they can be!

So let’s get serious now. I need a new challenge again.  Something I never done before or maybe a thing I forgot to do in a long time. For months I thought that it would have to be related to what I do best, my work. Cause in my personal life I may suck sometimes... Only today, after a long and harsh night, I realized that the challenge I dream about has to be about me only. No other people involved. So I came up with an idea. What if I do one more competition? And then, when it’s over, I can retire as a competitor….forever!  I don’t need to win anymore. This time it would be for me only, for the fun of preparing everything in detail. So here is my plan. I will go one more time on stage in May next year.  Last time, I promise. I will start training again for my figure competition like I’ve done it in the past. Last one! I don’t enjoy the diet, but its’ just a part of the whole preparation.  I know that I always get what I want, so I can do this. Therefore, I announce it officially: next year in May, I’ll be on stage, guys, with a fab routine.  So, girlies, challenge me please and show me what you’ve got, cause I will be there no matter what!  :)

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