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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hello over the ocean

I got an email today from one of my readers (yes, there are a few out there!) who asked where have I disappeared. I mentioned the guy in another blog just a couple of months ago. His name is Phil and apparently he doesn't miss any of my blogs. He founds them funny, he says. Not, my intention though Phil! I'm blonde, not funny. At least not the clasic funny. I mean, not the haha funny...more like a different kind of funny. I call that living in my own world and being very comfortable there, by the way. Now back to Phil. He also wants to know if I am fine and happy. Easy answer, friend. I am happiest I have ever been before. You know what I mean...happy-happy, joy-joy! And because I am this way, I went back to talking upside-down (and downside-up) talks...the ones I am an expert in. This time it is not a monologue anymore. You know what I mean, don't you? 

So I am back to making my own language based on the words I kind of know somehow. The result? Babylonian speak, but this is just me I am talking about now. My new words sound so sophisticated that my usual monologue transformed into a dialogue...just because I found a chatting he who is willing to appreciate the new words and even use them. What do you think about "perhapness"? Very posh. Almost as aristocratic as "maybeness". Wait, I have another one: "more or lessness". Now this even surprised me. What am I saying? Actually my creativity amassed even me. Wait! Not amazed as ahhh amazed....more like scarred  me, but still...

I have other new words a "maybility" to the old fashioned language. You may like them "perhapship"...or not. Somebody has to stop me, please! Maybe Phil, the guy who reads my blogs...from over the ocean. I know why though. Phil is 80, he's seen so much in his life that a blonde like me looks like nothing to them! Thanks, buddy, nice to know that I am less of a weirdo than a regular blondie. Anyway, the message to you (and I hope others who wonder what's with my silence) is that I am fine and happy and joyful and cheerful and just me. Also that I still mix things and words as I always done, work on new programs, plan some new classes, play with some new ideas that would help in my still me, guys!  Nothing spectacularness, amazingness or fabulousness! Just me!:)

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