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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ms. Blondness herself

We decided long time ago how blonde I am. The kind of blonde who has no comparison. Blonde enough to do silly things without creating confusion. Just me. I know who I am and I am quite comfortable in my blonde world. I still believe that there are no evil people around....just after they hurt me badly. So what? Still people for me. I also believe that good things should happen to everybody just because people are not bad enough to deserve tragedies. So, I'm blonde, nothing else to discuss here! And when I'm good, I'm better!  I'm not always so good, but I'm always that blonde!

There are two sides to me, you know that. One is my work. I love every second of it. I could train day and night, no rest. I know every little aspect of fitness, I've done it for so long and I could actually train in my sleep. I don't do mistakes in my professional life. I've done them all at the beginning of my career. Not anymore. I have champs all around the world, some bodybuilders, other gymnasts, dancers, fitness models, athletes. I pushed them to gold because that's the way I am. I dream huge!

And there is my normal life outside of training. I kind of suck here, but not so much as I used to...but still. You don't have to remind me that! I may know how to bring an average guy to a gold medal with no effort, but I don't know how simple things function. Like using a hammer. Don't even ask about changing a tyre. I needed time, long time by the way, learning the difference between petrol and gas and I'm still not sure what's what. So please don't remind me about my blondness because I live with it every day! Tricia, who's my bester bestest, should know that....but she doesn't. She has that cruel passion of  taking photos anytime I make a mistake. And as I do many, she takes photos all the time. Like today when we had lunch together. I love having her around, you know....But today she took photos again and uploaded them on Facebook. I love Facebook, you know how much I love it. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg for creating it. I could spend hours chatting in your virtual world! So, yes, Tricia took today, as I've said, photos of me being blonde again. Me trying, really hard by the way, to unscrew those salt and pepper thinghies. I don't even know how they are called. How should I know how to use them?  I was just about to use a screwdriver, when Tricia got bored  watching me struggling for minutes. So she unscrew them in a bit....not before she took the photos of a silly blondie. Thanks for that, chick.  But she hasn't stopped here. Once one of the photos was on Facebook, she even warned people about me. Not people- people. A very important he. The thing is , because he is so important, he knows how blonde I am. No huge revelation here! 

So here is my plan for the future. I will be the one taking photos of my silly blonde moments even before my girlie Tricia would. I will even upload them on Facebook and I will post nasty comments about myself doing things my way. I could even comment on my own comments....and tag myself! I'd be the first one doing that and it would make me look even blonder than I am! And believe when I'm saying that there is no blonder than me! :)

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Je ne regrette rien

I haven't blogged for least that's how it feels. I haven't stopped blogging, nor I forgot you, guys. Just had a break...just a short one. I am back now and I promise to reply to your emails. Not just yet though. I still have to digest the changes in my life, but you know me. By tomorrow I will be up and running so expect emails from me very early in the morning! 

I may even cross some lines and get more telling you, guys,  how happy am or that I may not suck so much in my private life as I used to. The most important thing you may have to know is that I'm fine and saying my saying again. Also that I don't regret anything ( thanks, Edith, for reminding me that! ). I even got that inked...but not for you, guys, sorry! By the way,  this is another story that I may tell you about very soon. I mean, very, very soon. Have a great week, guys! :)