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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Je ne regrette rien

I haven't blogged for least that's how it feels. I haven't stopped blogging, nor I forgot you, guys. Just had a break...just a short one. I am back now and I promise to reply to your emails. Not just yet though. I still have to digest the changes in my life, but you know me. By tomorrow I will be up and running so expect emails from me very early in the morning! 

I may even cross some lines and get more telling you, guys,  how happy am or that I may not suck so much in my private life as I used to. The most important thing you may have to know is that I'm fine and saying my saying again. Also that I don't regret anything ( thanks, Edith, for reminding me that! ). I even got that inked...but not for you, guys, sorry! By the way,  this is another story that I may tell you about very soon. I mean, very, very soon. Have a great week, guys! :)

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