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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How to lose weight...and lots of it!

It is never too late to start a weight loss program. If you really want to look and feel great, get in shape for the  beach, now is the best time! You gain weight with every day of indulging, allowing yourself more food than you really need and less exercise.

 Just think about what a kilogram a month would add to your body after a year. 12 kilograms a year and if you continue with the same lifestyle, in 5 years you may end up being 60 kilograms heavier. Don't let that happen to you!

People think they know how to do it. They believe they know the equation of losing weight, getting in shape and looking great. Some may do, but most don't! Doctors know they stuff, builders know theirs, carpenters know their work, fishermen know how to fish and so on. Personal Trainers know how to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Let's admit it: that's what they do best!

Leave aside the thoughts of saving money by not hiring a Personal Trainer when you have to lose weight. It doesn't work according to your plan. You may save some money now, but let's be honest! If you don't lose what you have to now, the effects of carrying the extra weight won't just make you feel angry, fatigued and disappointed. You may end up having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, even heart problems. What about knees and lower back pain? And not getting pregnant after years of trying just because you are overweight? On top of that you will hate seeing yourself in the mirror.

No magazines that advertise miraculous diets and exercise programs will work for you. Stop spending there! Do you think that a diet in a random magazine works for everybody? We are all different. Do you possibly believe that a weight loss program, advertised in media, will make you lose 10kg in 10 days by following it 3 minutes a day? For once in your life, leave the professionals to do their job. Hire a Personal Trainer, be focused, let yourself be motivated, do exactly what your trainer says you should do and the results will show. Do you believe that it is too expensive? What about the money you spend on weight loss magazines, "healthy" foods, recommended by so called miraculous diets,  that rotten in the fridge, hopeless machines advertised on TV that promise wonders, fat burner supplements, "diet" shakes and so many other useless things? HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH WHEN IT'S ABOUT YOU?

If you want my advise, aim for the best Personal Trainer. That means somebody who has the experience, and I am not talking about 1 year in the industry; as many as possible. Find the trainer who is specialized in weight loss. Why would you choose somebody who feels more comfortable in other areas? Then check if your trainer is registered. This means that a national board considers your trainer at the right standard. And lastly, don't forget: a good Personal Trainer is a busy one, booked to the max. This is the trainer you want. This is the professional who will work with you in achieving your weight loss goal.

My name is Brigitte, I am a Registered Personal Trainer, working in the industry for many, many years, I am specialized in weight loss and body sculpting, I never had dead times and I would love to work with you. Choose a package that financially works for you, casual rate, 5 week, 8 week, 10 week or 20 week weight loss program and let's start today. You won't regret it. I NEVER HAD A CLIENT NOT REACHING HER/HIS WEIGHT LOSS GOAL AND BELIEVE ME YOU WON'T BE THE FIRST!

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