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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The blonde wicked language

I am amazed how many languages and words orbit around us. I am stunned, as I've said...but that's just right for a blondie like me. It is so cool how we are able to use tons of words to describe one only thing. Now I am not so blonde and I know what synonyms are. I even heard about antonyms because blonde doesn't mean dummy....not necessarily! The fact is that languages evolve and we, average peeps, are involved in creating new meanings and bringing new words to our daily vocabulary. Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite terror of their reality. I wish I've said that, but I didn't. Edgar Allan Poe was faster than me...but I agree. Linked to reality, words have power. Even good is better...when it's worse. Let me just justify myself. 

I had a good day today. What am I talking about? I had a day that deserves more than many synonyms as possible to describe the greatness of my last 24 hours. A walk with my puppy Hendrix. He is a real celebrity this boy and he is the love of my life. So, a walk as I've said. A long one delivering flyers in the new town I've moved recently. Nice, sunny...Hendrix pulling me with all the power and strength a big puppy can. So I kind of missed some postboxes...only because my Hendrix believed that every second one was more than enough. Brilliant! But somehow we delivered my advertising stuff....and if somebody didn't get my flyers, please ask if your neighbours has them. Every second or third house on the street should! Fabulous! 

Tired...mostly me, we went to the a reward for Hendrix' cool behaviour. Great! The beach means me running like crazy to catch my puppy....who is a faster runner anyway. Super! Fast runner and a fast eater as he proved today when he found that dead, smelly half fish on the sand that made him smells like shit. Excellent! Now that I mentioned the word shit, I  admit that I forgot to take a bag with I had to sort of cover my sweet puppy's excrements with some sand. Marvellous! Wait! I also had to clean my shoes full of them on the grass....somehow.Amazing! 

Once I arrived home, I went straight to my laptop. You know how much I love my machine! I opened my emails and read them carefully. This is the moment when I realised that I blondely misspelled Clare's name in my previous emails to her. Constantly!!! Magnificent! Why would she think I've done that? Now, you all know me, guys. Once again I blame my blondness and everything that brings second after second to me. It's a full time job to be blonde! Sweet as! 

Back to my emails. There was one from a company that supplies me with all sorts of packaging for my sports waxes. Three weeks ago I placed an order and emailed them my new address. However, my parcels went to my old address, 300km away. Since then, an inexperienced customer service staff emails me her daily struggle to fix the doing nothing. Outstanding! She even asked me to contact the guys that now live in my previous home and begged them to contact the freight forward company. Which I did by the way, just because I am a groovy blondie! Problem still not sorted, but that's fine. I am just wondering if I somehow could get a job with my supplier packaging company. It would be so smashing to be paid by them for breathing only. Actually I want a full time job with them. Just imagine: me doing nothing for 8 hours. Every day! Bang-up! Maybe they can hire Hendrix as well. He can stay still if they reward him! A slap-up reward of course! 

Anyway, the day went on and on. One neat moment after another. Extraordinary day, I can assure you! Sostunning...and wonderful...and awesome...and exceptional....and prime...Please stop me, guys! Anyway, there was a shinning bit of my day. The moment when I realised that there are 94,000 peeps that constantly read my blogs. Why would you do that, guys? I am blonder than you all....or maybe just tricking you to believe that. Perhaps...but don't count on that...too much! I know that I am intelligent because I know that I now nothing. Sorry, not me...again. Socrates was way faster this time! 

Thanks USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Romania, India, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Thailand, South Africa, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Argentina. You, guys, rock!!! You are gorgeous... and ravishing...and dazzling

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