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Sunday, 15 September 2013

The words I understand

I love learning new languages. I speak a few and I hope to be able to communicate in many more by the time Alzheimer hits me....if it does. Sometimes I mix words in my blonde head, but that's fine; people usually turn a blind eye and allow me more than normal. I was told that I speak in my all sorts of languages of course...always one that my partners wouldn't understand. How convenient by the way. But again, because people wouldn't associate blonde to smart; the best I can hope to hear from them is a pathetic "oh, you're so sweet". I'm happy with that as long as they let me fake my perfect blondness. 

So I mix words and make weird sentences using bits from the languages I speak, words and sentences by the way not used yet by other people. What about them? They do the same. Let me just give you some examples. "Monday week"! What exactly does that mean? Let's have coffee Monday week. Seriously? Monday week is simple next Monday, so why do people have to complicate things? Have you ever heard about Monday month or year or decade? 

Let me give you another one. "The apple of my eyes". The what really? I hate apples so how can I say that my daughter is the apple of my eyes? I love my blondie daughter more than my life, but I don't like apples. That pushes me really to make up my own saying, something like "Miriam is the strawberry of my eyes". Fair enough, I love Miriam, I love strawberries. 

What about "not too bad"? What does that really mean to you, guys? Bad, but not so bad, or good but not so good? I'm forced to make my own again. So, how am I doing? Too good. That sounds better. You can use it too. I don't have any copyright on it just yet. 

One more for you, guys. Have you heard about that "cool" guy? He is probably the same person my girls say is "hot". Now which one it is: cool or hot? Cos there is such a huge difference. Wait. I just remembered. How is that guy? "Sweet as". Now this is kind of confusing for a blondie like me. Allow me once again to make a statement I can understand. So that guy may be, in my blonde opinion, one with a weird body temperature, cool and hot, but with a definite sweet taste. What an interesting guy...I want to meet him for sure. 

Now a last one that relates to happiness. I love being happy that I feel in "7th heaven". That's what you would say. I came from Europe. French, Germans, Hungarians and Romanians haven't ever heard about 7th heaven, but they know about 9th heaven. Which is then the right one for defining ecstatic states? Only God really knows about heaven, so again I have to compromise and come up with a statement that works for me. What about 8th heaven? That would be right...not yours, not others....just mine. 

When it's about weird words, I'm the expert. But you're not far from that either. That makes me believe that you, guys, are not too bad, actually cool and hot and sweet as, which makes you the apple of my eye and lifts me to the 7th heaven. I said it all! Have a great week, guys! :)

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