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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The world is my oyster

The difference between goals and wishes is that goals should be measurable and realistic. Wishes? What ever crosses your mind...mostly dreams. You may or may not agree with the argument of dreams, but let me put things in the right order here. The senses we trust to distinguish reality from illusions cannot be trusted. Rene Descartes was right to say that and who am I to argue? A blondie like me dreams with eyes wide opened, always has a wish list and targets goals according to it...sort of. Let me explain how my mind goes places and thoughts jump from a wish to a goal and vice-versa.

I wish I had a small, fluffy, lazy, loving little dog. Even the queen has one! But I don't. I have 3 huge dogs instead. Nothing wrong with that. It's just the fact that no fence or gate in the world would stop at least one of them escaping. Fine again, cos this keeps me fit...and toned. You don't even imagine how many kilometres I ran after my dogs in the last few years. I could easily compete.... and win a marathon. My goal is to have the strongest, heaviest, buchiest gate to stop my dogs wondering around. Not that they would harm somebody. It's just the fact that I have moved town and I don't want to enter in the community on the wrong foot. Have I told you that the town is so small that everybody knows everybody....but nobody knows me...just yet? Anyway, with the goal set high, I approached the town's most famous gate maker. A celebrity, I was told. When the dude arrived, I agreed with the community's unanimous voice. The guy looked exactly like Billy Gibbons from ZZTop. He even called himself ZZ and changed his car plate to ZeeZee. Actually he looked so much like Billy that my brain jumped from my goal straight to another wish. I wish he was one of ZZTop's guys and start singing instead of fixing my  gate. And then back to a goal.My goal is to fix this bloody gate. My IPod can fulfil my wish. So I moved on and left the guy working hard on my gate. Which he did! Successful? Only time will tell!

But that's not all. I had a browse in the CBD. Please ignore me and read "on the only central street". As I walked, a wish jumped from my blonde brain. I wish I wore my runners. Not that I love them so much, but my shoes put my feet through enormous pain. I  kind of knew it would happen when I decided to wear them...but a girl is a girl, isn't she? No matter how big the pain is if it's for a good! So my next thought was a goal. To find the closest shop and buy some runners or slippers... or something that I would never wear in a right state of mind. But I ignored the rebellious thought and I kept walking...with a big smile on my face. Wait a sec. The truth is that it was nothing else than a rictus...caused by pain. But the lady from the post shop and the other one from the Council thought I have a beautiful smile. Which was a bonus! 

Anyway, guys, as I've said, I moved to a small town where Abba and Tina Turner are still en vogue. At least that's what the DJs from the local radio station believe. I moved and I am loving it. I live my dream! So I wish I was who I was. Again from wish to goal. My ultimate goal? To be who I am. That's very simple. Nothing changed. I still love pink, dress in the crazy style I created, still wear mini, believe that the world is a beautiful place to live in and that people are all just amazing creatures. I still dream to change the world and make my presence felt. And I will, I promise. My studio opens very soon and my wish and goal is to keep I always did! And I will! 
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