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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I am my brand

I am more credible than the Pope himself...and that's big! Otherwise how on earth I would have convinced you to read and follow my blogs?  Trustworthy and cogent are my names. It's not the fact that I am more solid than others. I know that. Maybe just the fact that you wouldn't expect a blonde to be conclusive and coherent. You may know better why you keep coming back anytime I post a new blonde thought. 92,000 readers, this is how many you are...and keeping you entertained is a big responsibility, isn't it? But again, this comes so natural to me because, as I've said, I am authentic....just a real blonde, not easily swayed by the outside world. Therefore, I sometimes feel entitle to say that I branded the blondes. That's right. Blonde is my brand. Let me just validate this.

Just a few days back, one of my girlies asked my help. I would do whatever when it's about one of my chicks. I would even help if I'm not asked to. My girlie needed a cheep flight to the UK, one that would give her the chance to fly with the best of the best, stop in some amazing cities, get faster to her final destination while pay just a little bit more than nothing. Getting quotes is my forte, especially because I know almost everybody. So, I started phoning and googleing the net. I decided to use one of my connection, a lady who worked for years in the travel industry, knows everything about flights and can turn impossible into likely possible. Have I told you that the main reason I used her is that she is not blonde? 

Anyway, my lady found the best flights while still on the phone with me. The only problem was that I knew that my girlie friend needed to get to Brighton and the final stop the travel exceptional had found was London. So I asked her to look for something that lands in Brighton. The flight centre lady tried to convince me that there wasn't anything that goes there, but I knew better. So...I convinced her the opposite....and she believed me. She even asked her supervisor; then got on another line with some other smarties in the city. Nobody ever heard about a flight Aukland- Brighton. After a half an hour, we both seemed tired, so my travel lady promised to keep searching. I got a few emails back from her that proved me that she is still on the job. It was an hour later when I was told by a real Brit that Brighton doesn't have an airport. Never had one by the way! I am not sure whether the same guy informed the travel lady, but what I know is that she emailed me a booking to London. Full stop. 

Then I started analysing the whole experience. How good should I be if I can convince even a very skilled flight centre staff, one who made thousands of bookings around the world, that Brighton has an airport...when it doesn't? Exceptionally good, I would say. It's not that my lady wasn't the best in what she did for so many years, no! It's just the fact that I am more convincing than the emperor of Japan. When I say something, no matter how blonde that sounds, people believe it! Why would that be? Simple. I invented the blonde brand. Yes, I am a brand! I worked very hard to create it and built it up to my standards. Blonde standards by the way! 

Sometimes, I think that even you, guys, believe me. And if not...just please take me as I am. And what I am is a brand, one created by me and developed in many years of hard work. Therefore I have often thoughts of changing my name in one that may be more appealing to my brand. Something like Brigitte Dotorgdotnz....or maybe Dotnetdotnz. How cool that would sound? 

A huge thanks to my 92,000 readers. It's an honour entertaining you! That's what my brand does best. It does it for living by the way. New Zealand, USA, Ireland, Germany Romania, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Hong Kong, China India, Slovenia, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Bulgaria, Fiji, Japan, Indonesia, Finland, Ukraine, I salute you. A huge sorry to my UK readers. I honestly didn't know that Brighton doesn't have an :)