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Monday, 15 July 2013

Let me entertain you

There were so many things that made my life different lately. Like rosebuds tea; just imagine pink rosebuds in my cup. I love my tea breaks since I discovered them. And then there is that blue toothpaste with sparkles in it. I don’t know who invented it, but the guy had to be a dreamer… like me. Also that lamp that projects stars on my ceiling. I am just loving it especially because I can change the colour of my 52 stars (yes, I counted them, so what?) . But mostly, there was that awesome guy I won’t be telling you about, who taught me some great how unfair life can be if you're rushing and how stupid I was thinking that, just because I smile, I deserve people to smile back to me. I have to earn my smiles! So, with all these additions, my life seemed complete for a second. Seemed? How silly. Let’s me just rephrase that. Nothing changed; I still suck in my personal life.

So let’s talk work, just because I am better with that. There would be some changes on my website. Good ones, for sure. I will be  adding a membership page to my website. Very, very soon…when I figure out what you, guys, want from me. I am planning a forum for you because I would love to give you the opportunity to express yourselves. Also a direct and secret line to me, so you would be able to contact me anytime without going through the whole process of emailing me. I am even planning of launching online classes, but that’s a thing for the future. So, guys, keep your eyes wide open cause the blondie will bring something good for you.

My blog got up to 50,000 readers all around the world. Thanks, friends, you sure made my day look brighter! :

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