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Friday, 19 July 2013

We need to talk!

I always had many friends. Not that I am more popular than others, but I may attract more attention. My blonde hair has nothing to do with that. It’s probably because of my work… or maybe people are just intrigued by my je ne c’est quoi attitude. Very intense, passionate about what I do or I want to do, about things, places, dreams, feelings… that’s who I am. Nothing wrong with that. I could change, but I decided not to. Because I met so many people, women, men, children, I learnt to understand the messages behind a gesture or a word. You don’t believe me? Let me just prove it to you. I know that when a woman tells  you “we need to talk”, that doesn't mean that you’ve done something wrong. No way! It just means that she needs to talk. That’s all. She would start with the story about the dishes and laundry and would probably finish, if she ever does, with the one about her neighbor’s dress. I also know that when a guy says “we need to talk”, then it’s probably better  to put your heels on and run…if they allow you that! Because he has something bad to say.  I bet you didn’t know that! 

We need to talk…that’s how Kerry used to start almost every session. I am a good listener…when I work; in real life not so much. For a whole hour, while the session lasted, she talked…all sorts, I mean sorts of sorts! But she trained so hard that chick and her talks were even more intense than mine! Kerry started as an average girlie with an ordinary body and got to pure perfection. When I first met her, years back, she told me that she wants to compete in figure sculpting. After “we need to talk”, of course! The work I had to put in her was just immense because she needed to lose lots before the actual sculpting training would have been started. But, she’s done it with me on her side. That girl worked her butt off, lifted more than a man and never complained.  Never…but she always needed to talk! In October that year, she was so ready and I dreamt about her winning her category. Beautiful, sculpt body, great attitude  amazing personality! What’s happened? Ask Kerry; I’m sure she would love to tell you! Kerry, sweetheart, you’re a real champ. Not many people go so far. I am glad you did, dear friend! :)

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