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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Blonde appreciation

Last night, Miriam posted on Facebook that blondes have more fun. You don’t know her? That’s a shame really because she is blonde and she has lots of fun. Anyway, Miriam made a statement here and that pushed me thinking what people really see beyond our blonde hair. Actually it’s not about what they see…not even about what a blonde is able to tell you. It’s more about what you can tell a blondie. Let me justify. First example that crosses my mind is that guy who emails me lately. Maybe you know him, cause I don’t, but the emails are really sweet…and the photos really explicit, thank you! My statement is Miriam’s as well: blondes have more fun. His statement? Let me just quote him “how can I get in your pants?”.  Now, would you ever ask a brunette that? Not quite sure. But being a blondie, I feel the urge to reply to that dude. So I really have to ask for his postal address before, because the only way he can get where he wants to starts with me posting him out my pants. Not the pink ones; I just bought them and I haven’t got over them just yet. And I’m thinking of adding the chap a prezzy and posting him also out one of my 67 bras. I’m sure he would enjoy that!

I can go further, sure I can. There is another guy. This one I know somehow. His text sounds like “This is my phone number. Give me a call if you ever have itchy fingers”. Again, right question for  a brunette? Not really. Now, sugar, I don’t get often itchy fingers, but I definitely sense a kind of cold feet…in your case. But I cannot not mention the sweetheart who bothers me while I’m on chat with someone else. Facebook chat, of course. He is in the mood of chatting as well, I guess, and instead of hello he says “Babe, I love your boobs”. Nice. Now let me babe you back, babe. When did I ever show them to you….babe? Cause I don't  suffer of Alzheimer yet and I really have a good memory, but I cannot recall on this little aspect.

So that’s the way you, guys, are talking to blondes just because you strongly believe that we may have more fun and can take over even more. That’s fine we are loving that…not so much, but still fine. But just before you open your mouth, think beyond our blondeness. Maybe, just maybe, there is something in our blonde heads, something more than your fun. Maybe we make our fun look funnier than yours! :)

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