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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sign off time!

A shorty today, guys. It's weekend...not just for you, for me as well. No piece of me today, so go have some fun in the real world! Just a huge thanks today to my 44,800 readers all around the world. You can do better than that, guys! I have no clue who you all are, but I love reading your emails....especially when you don't hide behind nicknames or false identities. Out in the open, guys; no need for lies! Like that guy who says he lives in Ireland when he is actually...still in Sunnyvale US. I told you I am a computer geek! Please drop it; I wouldn't have coffee with you Europe somewhere, but thanks anyway! You're cool as a cucumber, but it's just not for me!

Anyway, keep emailing me, guys, (not you, Sunnyvale!) if you feel like it, and I will make sure you all get your replies. I said it clearly so many times that advices are free. I will try to help you all with your training, comps, sports conditioning...but I cannot do you more than that. I am not a psychologist or a relationship adviser. I suck in that area myself!

Thanks to New Zealand, UK, US (lots of love Chicago readers!), Ireland, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Romania, Russia (still lots of you there reading my blogs!), Denmark, Switzerland , Bulgaria, South Korea, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil (thanks, Rita, for bringing all your buddies live!), Netherlands, South Africa (hi, guys, I have many friends there!), Bangladesh, Namibia (I am planning a holiday there, so hope to see you soon, who ever you are!), Nigeria (where have you been hiding, guys?) and Japan for reading my blogs last week. And thanks again for your emails. A pleasure discovering who you are! And I'd just end with a sentence from my fav blog, one  that I read myself every morning, one written by Miriam, a blondie as well "I don't know if we could all become ascetic and go sit under a tree like Buddha did and make our problems go away, and achieve nirvana, finally conquering ourselves , but I am sure there is a way, one which fits with our lifestyle". Go find your ways, guys! Have a great weekend you all! Make it sound remarkable! See you around right after! :)

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