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Friday, 5 July 2013

The universe working for me

Yesterday I needed a song for a routine. Not for me, no…for a client I am working for at the moment. I knew that it had to be smooth, (the song, not the guy, but nice try!)  and I kind of felt that it had to be a lady’s voice. So, I got stuck... It’s not for the first time though. I haven’t slept a night before thinking about all sorts of songs. I have a deadline, people, so I have to make it happen. By midday, I realized that I needed help. So I asked all my buddies on Facebook, and there are so many there!, to come up with ideas. I even offered a free session for the one who gets it right. Most of my guys posted songs on my wall, but none of them was what I wanted. So in the evening I started freaking out…for the first time I wouldn’t be able to do my job well. And you know what that means? No pay cheque, of course. But then, I had an idea…a brilliant one by the way, one of those ones that can change around a blondie’s day! What if I take the first word of every song my friends on Facebook posted and I mix the words until I may remember a song myself. And I did. I had my song, the guy got his routine, I got paid. Win-win situation! How weird the universe works sometimes; most of the times really! 

Two years ago, I got so booked that I haven’t been able to fit in not even a casual half hour client...nor my lunch break actually. I rushed on adrenaline for months and I had people on my waiting list that I couldn't  book six months in advance. So I started shutting down the world...until and decided that I had to be honest and tell my potential clients that there was no way I would be in the situation to train them. I even came up with a name of another trainer I could recommend. But then, one of my dear clients, a lady I appreciate a lot, asked me to take over Audrey. When she explained in details what I had to do for Audrey, I knew that I would never be able to resist the challenge. I love challenges, so bring them all on! So I found myself an hour off (in the middle of the night for sure, because the days have only that many  hours!) and I redone all my bookings, one by one. Next morning, I phoned every client  (of course I woke them all up!) and asked to agree with my rescheduled diary. They all did. After mixing everything around, very similar to my song search story, I got an hour a week for Audrey. I never told her how hard it was for me to offer her that slot. Anyway, I started training her and, from the first session, I knew she is gonna make it. Strong lady Audrey! I tortured her really for two years, every session harder and harder! No regrets though, because my girlie lost 60kgs…so far. She looks like a gazelle now, lean and beautiful and extremely funny. You don’t even imagine how proud I am of her; she’s my champ: best kiddies' teacher this area has ever had, best client to work with. She never said no to any of my workouts, no matter how hard it was for her, never missed an appointment, and never came late to any of them. She was that kind of client who understood that I was in charge, the whole stuff was on my shoulders and all she had to do is... listen and follow. And she did. Now to be perfectly honest, this lady should be every woman's inspiration and role model.  She surely is mine! I helped her out with her weight loss goal, she taught me the world really, because I learnt a lot from my dear Audrey. Win-win situation again! Audrey, sweets, this is for you! :)

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