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Thursday, 4 July 2013

I'm the wild card

I am not adventurous…in a normal way. If I were, I wouldn’t match the image. I don’t jump from airplanes, don’t like heights and I wouldn’t go out fishing or hunting. The truth is that I have my own adventures. At the time when girls got dolls, my dad bought me a rifle. I was 10…and that’s a secret I’m telling you, guys. I got so good at shooting that I had no contenders. Now, a gun wouldn’t match my profile, would it? So if we are ever out to one of those silly shows, please don’t try to get the Teddy bear for the blondie. I can win it for myself!

Dean was my first bodybuilder client. If I look back, I think that he hired me, without meeting me before, as a favour for one of his friends. It has to be right, because I remember the face he made when he saw me for the first time. It's also true that, on that particular day, I turned up wearing pink boots and a pink headband….and yes,  I almost forgot, a pink mini dress. He looked at me and he probably thought that I was a lost cause. Three months later, he got the title. All his buddies he recommended me to won as well…just because I would hate loosing. Andy is one of them. He stills hires me…from the States. So we train on Skype, midnight here, midday there. He’ll win as well because he knows that I am the wild card!

To be perfectly honest, only one of those big guys  lost somehow and I believe that it wasn’t professional to bring him to the second place...because I done it on purpose. Here is the story. Mark and John were both into bodybuilding…both my clients…both in love with Dana, another client of mine. They knew each other for years and they were best friends. So I trained the guys individually and I made sure they got the best advice. I didn’t know which one would come first because they both competed for Dana rather than the title, but I knew which I wanted to win...Dana. That day, Dana was watching them; Mark went smoother, John lost it completely in the middle of his routine. But that was exactly  what I was counted on, because I knew that his innocent look would win the judges. And it did! John was exactly like me...he didn't match his image and, in most cases, that's a winning point!  John won the title, Mark won Dana….and they are not so good friends anymore, but that’s fine. They both got what they wanted. I'm still their friend  and I now see that I made the right choice. John is still competing, still winning. Mark and Dana have 3 kids together and they seem happy. :)

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