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Sunday, 30 June 2013

My dad

I am a pure breed…mongrel....100% Babylon and I have no clue what’s my first language. I speak five and never been able to figure out which one is my number one. I don’t even bother anymore! I am German and French and Austrian and Polish on my mother's side….and Hungarian and Romanian and probably a little bit of Jew…thanks, dad!  Because I am a mixture, I love mixed things. I don’t add sugar or milk to my coffee…I top it up with cinnamon; I like cardamom in my tea. I have mixed feelings; also my mixed style and I don’t care what others wear. Never did.  I have cross breed dogs, I surround myself with an amalgam of skin colours and I love the sound of all sorts of languages. You would never be able to put a finger on what I’d do next…because I don’t know either. I told you I am a hybrid and I take a little bit from every nation I represent! Mostly the weird things….

My dad always knew that I’d get very far in my sweet weirdness. At the end of the day, I got this from him.  Dad and I used to eat breakfast at midnight and dinner instead of lunch. We started our meals with desert. Actually, we used to make the weirdest things together. We both hated rollercoasters, so one day we decided to buy 10 tickets each maybe, maybe we would start liking the ride. We didn’t and we were so sick that day! My dad and I invented a brand new language using words from all sorts of dead and alive languages. We understood very well each other. We used to wear white when black was in fashion. We had the strangest dog ever and we used to walk him at weird hours. We celebrated Christmas way before others just because we felt like it. We put up Christmas trees in spring and had Easters in the middle of winter. My dad and I made Wednesdays second Sundays, so we had fun weeks with two weekends. We mixed things so badly and we couldn’t care less what others thought about us. We had no rule, dad and I. That’s not quite true: we had our own weird rules and we added all sorts of upside down things to our lives. We had a silent day once a month and that was a torture for both of us. We decided that we needed a day with no talk only to clear our thoughts, so that day we didn’t even answered the phone. There’s a shame really that we couldn’t spend more time together, my dad and I. Today it would have been my dad’s birthday. I remember how we decided years back that a day was not enough so I still have a birthday week. Happy birthday, dad! I hope you teach the angels and demons how to exist as weird entities! And don’t worry about me. I keep the legacy going. I am still different and I’m not gonna change. :)

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