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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Why? Just because!

There is a rumor that Apple will release something very soon. What? Nobody knows yet, but the headquarter's warehouse doors are closed…so once again something is going to boom the market. I don’t want to miss that, but I cannot fly to Cupertino and have a nose. So, I decided to pop into the Vodafone shop and see if they have any idea about the upgraded IPhone 6’s release date. I want it badly! The guy looks kind of at me…actually he looks down to me even if I don’t wear pink today. I know what he thinks, I felt that so many times.: “Another idiot gave some money to the blondie to buy something nice”. That’s fine….I want the phone so I decided once again to be nice. I enlarged my smile and poppep the question about the 6. Same look again. “Why do you need the IPhone 6?”. Now, that’s totally my business and it has nothing to do with this Arabic guy. But my dumb smile convinced him to put my name down on his long list where there is only one name…mine! Buddy, with or without your help I will get it because what you don’t know is that behind my sweet appearance I may be one of those sweets who designed apps for the previous model.  And I don’t want to be stuck in the past...and I always get what I want! Just to be clear here!

So, I’m stubborn. What’s wrong with that? I proved it so many times. Actually I proved it in my classes.  Three years ago, I developed those five fitness classes, I choreographed them, I  designed levels and levels of each, I named them and I taught them. I still do that! Some of them are chicks only, others mixed.  I teach at least one a day, sometimes two or even three, seven days a week, so I know them by heart. Only if you would teach a fitness class you would know the feeling. People look not at you, not at what you do…they actually look into your eyes and beyond that! So, I’m stubborn, as I’ve said, and, when things get hard and I know that my peeps want to stop for a sec, I turn my head…not because I don’t care about their pain. It’s just a trick really. I give them the option to cheat as I wouldn’t see them relaxing…but they never do that because they know that I am stubborn …and I see everything … and, if they cheat, I’ll go back and redo the sequence until it’s done properly. Actually, I believe that my clients are stubborn as well…in a good way. I never saw my girlies Deanna, Jas, Barb, Val, Jenny, Sharon, Jacinda, Louise, Sandy or Julie cheating; nor Dion or Peter. They just go hard as there is no tomorrow. And to be totally honest sometimes after a class we all have the feeling that there is none! :)

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