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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Living as per the stereotype

I used to believe everything and everybody. Not anymore. It wasn’t easy to learn how to hide behind my blondeness, but apparently I got better in time. Now, let’s be honest here. What guy would ever date a girl with an IQ higher than most men? What can you do if yours is way above 180? Pathetic really cause it may break all bridges to that awesome guy. So I learnt to hide and my blonde hair helped a lot. …and my smile! Guys like sweet girls and if they are dumb as well, that’s quite a bonus!  It’s not just me here…they are other blondies  in the same situation (no, not Mike, the situation!). I met a few and they play the game as well… But this time, I’ll make it personal, no examples, no correlations, no similarities…but I am going to give you one clue and one hint. Just because I decided to be nice.

So, let’s just talk relationships. The girl is blonde of course…and sweet, no doubt. And if she is a pink girlie girl, even easier to be read! That’s all guys see there; good catch, easy to handle and mould! They also know that if she is blonde (we already established that!), she has to be that and nothing else.  What they think they see behind the image is a chick whose brain goes no further than typing her secret diary (with glossy emoticons, of course!) in Word, entering her glamorous shopping list in Excel and watching some girlie, super teary soap operas. ..or tele novellas. The blondie has to have her fashion magazines every week…just to keep herself informed with the new colors en vogue. Another myth...  She also has to waste hours on her mobile with her garls, chit chatting about the last rumors in the neighborhood. Legend! But what happens if none of them is true? What if the blondie runs a business, is a computer geek and her brain has more circumvolutions than the guy’s? How do you hide that? Simple as and here is the clue: live as per his expectations. Please do it! It works!  

But, just because I said something about a hint, I’ll keep my promise. The hint is challenge of course, because if the girl is smart, she would want to be challenged. Smart people get bored easily…if they are not challenged. So, I am still looking around and wondering where is that awesome guy who decides to challenge me? And other smart blondies as well…I almost forgot something. He has to know how to play fair: when I throw a ball I expect it returned to me. Fast! Just because I played tennis for too long and that’s the rule I know! Too bad if he, the guy, prefers playing chess. I hate waiting for his next move! :)

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