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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Counting the blessings

I never had a hero, I mean a real one, and never wanted to live in a celeb’s shoes. I always felt comfortable with who I am. I know I am intense and silly most of the times, but I am who I am and I am not sure whether I want or can change. Girls want to have what Paris has, or look like some brainwashed socialites. I didn’t and I don’t want that. It’s true that some people inspire me, but I wouldn’t change my life for theirs. You don’t even imagine how well is to be me. 

My 6:00am is a client who always inspired me. Was actually because he forgot to turn up today for his training. I trained this guy for the last four years and he reached every goal he had, but he always comes up with something new. Anyway, he didn’t come today so I decided to ask Well, my laptop, to read my emails…again. There is one from one of my chicks, Corina. She found this cool website, specialised in horoscopes…all sorts of them. Now, I don’t read horoscopes, but I decided to please Corina, just because she is a good friend. So let’s just see what my horoscope for today says. Actually is a day behind because the site is a US one. It says that I would get such great news, best ever! Would that be the one about Hendrix, my puppy, chewing my spa lid or the fact that I popped my patella out again? It has to be about Hendrix because my horoscope also says that I would spend some money on me…..actually on a new spa lid, but that’s close enough. But let’s read more. Good news again. I would meet today, sorry yesterday, the love of my life. Now it gets really specific: around lunchtime. Actually I missed that because at lunchtime I had two classes. Girls only. But it says something about a ring. That’s true. Somebody needed money and sold a ring. I wanted to help, so I bought it. But then I started liking the ring and I decided to get engaged…to myself and I am sure we will be very happy together…me and I. 

Let’s cut this short. I am having a great day today. I checked my blog analytics and I got up to 43,000 readers. Thanks, guys, I appreciate it. So huge thanks to New Zealand, US, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Phillipines, Russia your coming strong, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Romania (Transylvania, mon amour!), Hungary and Denmark (I worked there, I miss you, guys!). And a no thanks to that guy in Sunnyvale US. You know who you are. So sorry, not interested, so stop stalking me! 

Have a great day, guys, and don’t read your horoscopes. It’s rubbish! :)

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