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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Who's that girl?

I’m sure you all know how much I love Philosophy. I could read forever and I would never have enough…. especially Heidegger. He is my favorite guy ever! I could have been easily marrying him. First of all he was a Virgo; and so am I. But nah, on second thoughts, no marriage! He had some affairs and I don’t really like that. For years I tried to figure out what he meant by “being is only being for dasein”. Of course I know what dasein means. I speak German. For those of you who don’t, let me rephrase Heidegger’s quote “being is only being for being there”.  Now, just because these days I am a little bit wiser (old is the new wise), I kind of get it, but I will keep you in suspense and let you solve the mystery. And no, it has nothing to do with  “been there, done that!”. 

I passed my passion for Philosophy to my son and my daughter. There are all sorts of families, you know, and ours may seem dysfunctional….but it’s not. We are who we are in the moment (oops, I almost solved the mystery myself!)… at least we are together! But out of my two kiddies, I always had the most amazing debates with  Miriam. We still throw to each other quotes and ideas while washing dishes or cooking our dinners. She is a smartie who loves Schopenhauer. Miriam is the blondie I was telling you about in many of my blogs. She is a very challenging blogger herself. We started blogging to each other many, many years ago. We called it ping pong blogging. Where are my last year blogs disappeared? I deleted them myself because they weren’t important. But Miriam kept hers because she was once again smarter than me. Now back to the blondie. I met her 25 years ago, I was the first to tell her hello and I instantly fell in love with her. She is the daughter I always wanted to have: pretty, intelligent, fast thinker and extremely smart. But most of all, she is funny. Miriam is my favorite entertainer. She sings, I’m the dancer. She can make everybody dance by the way, not because she has a voice…she has the voice. She is loud and happy and full of energy this girl! We still have our runaway evenings, when we both dress up and take pics of ourselves; also our sad Motown hours, when we cry while listening to sad, sad music; we have our cool French lunches, when we listen to Edith Piaf…. and the Cosmos nights as well! We have fun together and, in most of the cases, Miriam is the initiator.   

There was one instance when I entertained her more than she does now. She was just 6 years old when she broke her arm. She loved playing that girl, she still does, so she told me about her arm three hours later, when she was already in agony. So I took her to the hospital. I worked with bones and muscles my whole life and I knew that she’s gonna be fine. You know how you always have to wait for doctors. They all take their time. So we waited and waited and the blondie got so sad. So I thought I may make her laugh. I always wanted to race in a wheelchair. I finally found one (how hard can that be in a hospital?) and with Miriam on my laps, I started the race. We’ve been on every corridor, every corner of the hospital. We bumped in some people, we knock off others and we laughed a lot! Anyway, we finally seen the doctor later that day and I instantly recognized him as one of the guys we bumped into (by the way, he failed down badly!). So he asked me why I didn’t bring the girlie in right after she broke her arm….then he realized that we are the ones in the wheelchair. He looked at both of us, blondies, and said, “you are both nutters”. Thanks, doc, we already knew that and we would never forget that we like having fun!

So anyway, Miriam is my sunshine. A lace girl like me, not a cotton one. Happy birthday, sweetheart! I love you to bits; you are just perfect. And if people ever tell you any different, just remind them what Nietzsche said “Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent”. He made that up only for you and me! :)

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