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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Destiny is not a career

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Wait a sec. That’s not mine. Oprah said it before me. I like Oprah, don’t you?  And I do agree with her if she agrees with me changing a word, or maybe two. You don’t get anything actually in this life even if you have what ever Gods or Goddesses on your side, but you may get a piece of something if you have the courage to ask for… or if you have the guts to fight for it. Life is a fight, don’t you agree? We fight for our jobs, our rights, our children, we fight to be liked, appreciated, respected, actually we are just gladiators fighting for our lives... the lives we believe we deserve. What do you think you deserve, guys? An easier way of earning money, a better partner, genius kids, more time off? What are your dreams, folks? Just say it loud; it won’t hurt you. The naked truth is that none of us deserves anything as long as the real us doesn’t match the imagine we try to create about us. That imagine should be a reflection of who we are. Be as you wish to seem. Again, not me, Socrates said it way before me. 

To be honest, I’ve met so many people who tried to be what they were not. Don’t be one of them. I’m not. I say it loud to the whole world that I may seem out of boundaries….because I am. That’s the reflection of who I am. I won’t hide that, why would I? “Many people have tried or continue trying to impress others, to make others aware of who they are and what they are doing”. Not mine again as you already know. This statement is Miriam’s, the other blondie who blogs. You probably wonder why I mention Miriam so often. It’s not just because she is a better blogger than me. It’s mostly because, a while back, we decided over a topic we would both develop, we had a bet, we’ve done our research well, we put it in real life, actually we were the mystery subjects and…we both failed. Mostly me, because Miriam is still young. But I’ll tell you about it when the time is right.

Anyway, back to the image and reflection. There is only one man I had the honor to meet who never compromised on that. Not just that I met him. I raised him…and I’ve done it well apparently. Amos is a guy who doesn’t try to show what he is not. Strong, opinionated, but always right by the way, he doesn’t care about how people may perceive him. He oozes power. Amos has great buddies, never best friends; his only true friend is himself. Amos never lies, but please believe me when I’m saying that you may not like his truth, because it may hurt you…and he says it as it is! He doesn’t even smile if he doesn’t want to. Actually he doesn't do anything if he doesn't want to. Amos has his own standards and would never fit in regular ones. Just a strong guy, that’s who he is. Amos fought for everything he’s got: great career, super wife, amazing house, the best dogs, the most amazing body, everything just A plus. On top of all, he is smart, smarter than me anyway. Amos started building his destiny long time ago. As a lifestyle…not as a career! I know that not just because he is my son. I trained him for years and I know how hard and smart he can work out. So, yes, this is my Amos, the most important man in my life. Right after him, Hendrix, my puppy!

Happy birthday, Amos! Don’t ever change! Let them believe about you what they want. I do the same! I hope you still remember that, when you were just a little boy, instead of reading you stories, I used to involve you in dissertations on Socrates “Know yourself” and “I only know that I know nothing”. :)

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