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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My mistake, really!

I was always amazed by athletes. I was one of them and I know how much work has to be put in for just an hour comp. I worked with many athletes during the years and I hope I made a difference in their training, technique, strategy, and especially that I touched their lives with my way of being. 

Amy was one of them. I trained her 4 years ago and this girl still is my inspiration. Amy hired me for the Senior Full Contact World Championship  and she aimed to be in the first 10. I wanted her on the podium. She was back then a 16 years old junior willing to fight agains much older women.

We started the sessions in August and we had only 5 months of intensive training. Not enough. I broke those 5 months in off season, pre season and on season and then once again in hypertrophy, strength and advanced strength and I realized that this was my first client I had to push harder than I was able to push myself years back in my training. I don’t think it was easy at all for Amy, because this girl had to work before school and sometimes after school. On top of that, she trained with me and had sport specific training sessions with her coach as well. 

Two months before the comp, Amy was covered in bruises. Actually her body became purple everywhere. She had the most horrible bruises even on her chest. I was sorry for her, but I signed the contract, I knew what I am getting into and it was my head in the smasher more than hers. This girl had the mentality of a winner, perfect focus and determination, and I knew that she was able to climb to the top. A month before the comp, she was in her best shape, lost weight and had the muscle strength I wanted for her. She was so ready. 

She went to the World Championship and she came back no. 2 in the world. A 16 years old girl from New Zealand! She may have won the gold, but her opponent noticed her bruises and started kicking her only in the most bruised areas. No pain threshold can be so high…I realized a week after the competition that I made a mistake. I should have told Amy to cover her bruises with foundation. Or maybe spray tan. A simple mistake really that probably costed her so much. Even now, I still wonder whether it was me or her. Was she actually able to bring home the title? She probably was! :)

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