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Friday, 14 June 2013

There is always a first

I don’t break rules or…hearts. Never did. I’m 50% proper and 50% a dreamer. However, yesterday I officially became wild and suddenly all my clients see me in a different light. Because just yesterday, for the first ever time in my life I got a speeding ticket. Apparently I was exceeding the speed with 5km/h at the location AN0051 (figure that out!). Seriously? 5km/h? Me, the most relaxed driver? I drove for so many years in Europe, then here in New Zealand and never got a ticket. I will totally frame it! My disappointment is that there are no demerit points involved, because that would be a first as well! 

I never broke any rule with my clients. They are my clients and some of them good friends. Nothing else, no matter what. Ten years ago, I was the only woman trainer in New Zealand working only with men. I trained  men only for almost two years. Don’t ask me how hot they were, because I wouldn’t know. I know how much they had to lose or what competitions I trained them for. That’s all I knew back then and all I remember now. I got into training ladies as well because all these guys brought me their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and neighbors.  Otherwise, I would still train men only, because it is so easy to work with them. 

I never broke any fair play rule in my sport. I loved tennis. I still do. I played by the rule and that’s my advise to every athlete.  One can win a game and be happy, but it's worth nothing if it is based on somebody else’s injury. Or unhapiness! Be aware, you, cheaters, the same rule apply to you!

Anyway, there must be a first and, voila, my speeding ticket proves it.  So, I was wild for a second in my life. Never again! :)

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