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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

In memoriam Bill

I was told that I smile even when I sleep. Why shouldn’t I? I have everything I need. One piece is missing though, but, you know me, I will find it and make it fit in my puzzle. So, I smile probably more than others. And I laugh a lot because I am happy. I have all these beautiful people around me, the pure white house I always wanted. And then my job. I love everything I do, my clients, my studio, my classes, my choreography.  

Bill made me smile more than others. He was 85 when I met him, very overweight, obese really, with so many medical issues, barely able to walk a few meters without puffing. I met him 3 years ago and I worked with him for a full year. He knew he had to lose weight and wanted so much to move easier. We developed such an amazing friendship and he taught me so many things. We talked about places we both seen. It is weird how I remembered only the airports, while Bill talked about streets, buildings, cultures. I wished I have met Bill 40 years ago, but then I was just a little girl.  

Bill hired me for a year and I’ve done exactly what I promised. He lost some weight, was able to walk a little bit and he was so proud of himself. I was as well. But something wasn’t quite right and I begged him to have some medical tests. He got admitted in the hospital 2 years ago, on 11th June, and he phoned me right after he arrived there. He said that doctors were talking about some sort of surgery the next day. And he seemed happier than I knew him. But he hasn’t made it. He died later the evening. 

Bill was a dreamer. Like me. He wanted to get fitter and he wanted his body back. He died exactly as he wanted. Two years later, I’m still a mess when I remember him. Rest in peace, friend!

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