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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thanks, guys!

 So I love my Apple gadgets. No big deal here. Do you think that just because I am blonde I should be…just blonde? I would spend hours on my IPad, but I don’t have the time. However, last night, in my 10 minutes I allowed myself to be bored, I decided to check my blog’s analytics. Is there anybody out there reading my blog? This is quite a stupid question because I get so many emails from you, guys, asking for help with your training routines. 

So, 40,000 constant readers. Not bad. How on earth do they found out about me? I am average really. Google is the answer. Let’s just see what they searched for. 

“Shorty trainer in Auckland”. Haha. I am not quite short. I am 1,68, thank you very much!

“Cutie blogger”. Wrong again. That’s not me. 

“Fit and toned blondie” Me or not me? I have no clue; there would be so many others.

“Show me some abs”. Come to my abs classes then!

However, no matter what you wanted to find, you stopped on my page and stayed with me for at least the last months. Let’s cut this short! Thanks New Zealand, US, Australia, Canada, UK and Ireland for reading my thoughts. Also France,  Germany, Portugal, Italy, Japan and Spain. Feel free to ask questions as long as you understand that I am not shorty or cutie or just blondie and I won’t be definitely showing you my abs!  I love you, guys! :)

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