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Monday, 10 June 2013

The little people in my life

I love little people. I mean kids. I just adore them. I have them around at bootcamps, classes, and sessions. Sometimes, there are 10 clients in a bootcamp and 30 kids around.  I would have them all in my house as well, but they wouldn’t fit there! The little people around me don't lie. They believe in magic and miracles. So do I. They don't make false promises. Adults do, so I rather surround myself with my little people who are like crystals...clear and shinny. 

I madly adore Sammie. She is 7 and she is the daughter of one of my clients and dear, dear friend. Sammie is special, very special. She comes to every training session, class,  indoor or outdoor bootcamp her mom attends. I know everything about Sammie and she knows everything about me (almost!).  I was sad when she broke up with her boyfriend, a 7 years old boy, and happy when they got back together. Sammie is not like other little girls; she is, as I’ve said, super special…and she wears the funkiest skirts.  She believes that I am related to the Queen, or maybe that I should be. I like that! Sammie makes me the bestest gifts; stickers when I am good, wind chimes, drawings. I kept them all. And one day, when she will have kids, they can see them. Sammie is my cupcake really, sweet and funky and funny.   

Aisnley just turned 8 yesterday. She comes with her mom to indoor and outdoor bootccamps. Now, there is something very special about Aisnley’s mother, Karissa. She is like the sister I never had. Ainsley is a little copy of Karissa's. How could I not love her? She actually does the workouts better than many adults. Really. She is beautifull and very smart and challenges me a lot. Not as much as Jayden. Now, he is personality plus. 5 years old, a charmer really. Jayden loves hand sanitizers, so I make sure I always have one for him. Jayden likes to stay under my massage table, playing games on his mom’s IPhone. I always hide mine. God knows what he can see there! He is my little DJ. He changes the music on my IPod and, weirdly enough, he always picks my fav songs. 

Then there is Jordan. He is 4 and he is autistic and his father says that he has speaking problems. I never noticed that. I understand him well. The funny thing is that his parents write down words Jordan said during the week and I translate them. Doctors think that Jordan is autistic. For me, he is just perfect!. But that’s just me. I don’t see anything wrong in people around me. Jordan hugs me and tells me stories while I train his father.  A sweetheart really!

Have I told you about Milla? She is 8 months old and she likes dynabands. Only the purple ones. My bands come in 50 yards rolls (I still haven't figured out what's that in meters), I cut exercise ones and smaller pieces for Milla only.

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