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Saturday, 8 June 2013

No compromise!

I am a girlie girl. Not a high maintenance one! Just a girl. I own one pair of jeans and a hundred dresses. There is no PJ in my wardrobe; I wear nighties....just because I am a girl. I wear high heels, makeup and pink headbands. I like good guys. And flowers, lots of them. I talk to my dogs a lot, to my plants and trees. Cause I am a girl....and a dreamer. But things change when I go to the gym. Even there, I still wear my makeup and my headbands. I am still a girl.... but I lift heavy weights with rough guys. I am not gonna change for them; they have to change if they want me around. It is quite weird how they never swear or speak dirty in front of me. This is probably because they know I am a girlie girl. Let's be straight here: I am not an angel, but, for those of you who don't know this already, I am immortal. Yes, I am. I will always be around, me or somebody like me!

I train garls and guys and I enjoy my life. I also manufacture organic products. I believe in organic, in pure materials. It is amazing how oils and water mix together into white moisturizers. I wish you can all see that! Maria is my business associate for years and I see her not more that 10 times a year. The business still goes well without us waisting time on planing it. However, when we meet, just to discuss production or sales, we forget about everything and we talk about children and veggie gardens. Two blondies in business, how weird! A few months back, we turned down a huge contract, the winning ticket to our retirement really. So, here we are, blue eyed Maria and I, both wearing pink dresses,  in the huge conference room of a huge company and these guys, very arrogant by the way, offer to buy hundreds of thousands of products from us if we change our products' formula a little bit here and there. We have chosen carefully our suppliers and buy from them only certified organic ingredients and these guys ask us to go with the flow, be modern and make cheap skin care. I don't compromise on quality. Maria doesn't either. So they keep talking their talks and at one stage I turned to Maria and asked "Do you want wealth or just happiness?". And then we both  left that fancy conference room. We never heard back from the guys and this is a good thing really because I know that they haven't understood that we are just two girlies, two blondies who will never change just because we live in the 21st Century. The wild 21st one. 

I don't compromise in any aspect of my life. Neither should you.  It's all or nothing. This is my life and I am living it  my way. If you want to be part of it or just train with me, you have to understand that I will always be a girlie girl, who wears make up and high heels and dresses and headbands....and I don't compromise! :)

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